Saturday, January 31, 2009

Riding with the twins

So, we bought a second vehicle today! Check out this great Infinity (I don't even know what make it is - just that it's an infinity and that Jason said they are good cars and we got a great deal). It's so exciting to think I can have the van during the day now! We are so thankful for the generosity of the body of Christ.

Since we were close to my cousin, Katy's house when we bought the car, we called and asked if she wanted to meet us for lunch. We grabbed some Mexican with Katy and her daughter, Kennedy. I asked Jason if I could drive the car home (since I'm sure it will quickly become his baby). He was happy to share the non-van (see, that's why I don't know the make of the car - I don't care! It's just NOT A VAN!!) and somehow I ended up with the twins as my passengers.

On the way through the parking lot I was explaining to them that they weren't going to like the peppermint candies they swiped from the restaurant - but since I'm wearing down in my old age I let them keep them. While I was backing out the car, and looked over my shoulder, I noticed Will had already spit his candy out. He had sugary red spit smeared on his left cheek, his chin and both hands - just waiting to get it on the impeccably clean "new" car. So I pulled in to another parking spot so I could run back inside to get wet napkins.
Before running in I asked Tyson where his candy was. He started saying "I already ate it" but since it was still in his mouth he only got through the beginning of the word "it" when a breath of air caused the candy to lodge in his throat. He clearly couldn't breath. I jumped out of the car and yanked him out as quickly as I could and tried to something like a Heimlich maneuver. It moved enough for him to be able to breathe but it was still stuck in his throat. He started crying and said in such a pitiful little voice "Now I am going to have this every day!" (meaning... that it was going to be stuck there forever and he'd have it there every day from now on) A few coughs led to a gag and finally the candy was on the ground in the parking lot and he was perfectly fine.

As we drove they chatted and were pretty cute. Wilson wanted the sun roof open but Tyson was a little nervous about it. At one point there was an unpleasant odor and their discussion was as follows:

Tyson: did you toot!?

Wilson: no.

Wilson a few seconds later: I think it's a squirrel.

Tyson: No, you mean a skunk.

Wilson a few seconds later: Nope, I think it's a squirrel.

Conversations like this are endless in our house... so are dramatic moments like with the peppermint. It barely phases me. But today, driving the cool car with just my little guys, I soaked in their cuteness. I let them roll their windows down once we pulled into our neighborhood and they were delighted! "This is the first time I'm ever doing this!" Wilson said. They are funny little guys. This was the first pose they gave me when we pulled into the driveway and I asked them to let me take a picture:

Look at Tyson and his sly little lean in pose. Man, I love these little guys. I still am amazed to think that I have TWINS! I remember them as little bitties and how they were always holding hands. They have been full of trouble from the moment they could both crawl! But they have also held my heart from the moment they were born. I loved riding with my twins today.


  1. I seriously can barely get past the choking on the peppermint. You really are way more laid back than me because I would still have an accelerated heart rate over that. Yes, my big kids are 6 and 3 and I still do not allow them to have peppermints for this very reason. Choking really freaks me out. Rinn picked up some valentine hearts the other day, offered them to her uncle and said "these are yummy and they are candy, but they are choking hazards," as to warn him.

    Your twins are really too cute for words. Someday, will you post a picture of them as infants? I can only imagine how sweet that holding hands must have been.

    Lovin' the new ride too! (Sorry for this incredibly long comment!)

  2. Those are just two of the cutest little faces in the world! I am so glad my little Amelia has such great little buddies!