Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

We have ice covered by a thin dusting of snow... enough to shut everything down around here and keep daddy home from work! We are still doing school but don't feel too badly for my poor children, they didn't have to do school yesterday due to other factors. Any which way, having daddy home is a treat! And now, the fake snow that is still on my windows from Ally's birthday party (2 weeks ago) looks perfect!


  1. Mom had me walking around the neighborhood in Buffalo looking to shovel sidewalks with a broom. I was only 5. (No joke)

  2. ...and this is after I had to walk home from school, a mile away in a Buffalo sized blizzard. Because I was just dropped off with no one at the school.

    Imagine dropping Cole off where he had to walk a mile back to your house...in the snow...by himself.