Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleeping with Princess Pip

Here's a look at what my nights look like lately...

This is Piper is HER bed

This is Piper in OUR bed. Get the idea?

It's not every night but lately it seems that little Pippi is waking up in the middle of the night and will not be content until she is laying in bed with me. I know, most babies do this and we all go through the baby boot camp where they have to cry it out and learn to sleep on their own. We sure made Madison and Carson lean that right away. Yet, for some reason I just keep giving in to this little baby. I keep rationalizing by saying "what's so wrong with a baby wanting to be cuddled and secure with her mommy?" But I guess you could pose the same question for all 7 of my kids. It might not be wrong, but just practically speaking - you can't have 7 kids sleeping in your bed until they go off to college.

Nevertheless, my mom keeps telling me I need to get her out of our room and though I say "I know" I really know that I'm just going to keep her in with us, despite the frustration and fatigue. I know we will have to fight the battle at some point - it just isn't going to be quite yet.

I sat the this morning and pondered "We're not spoiling the baby - are we? It's not like she's royalty in the house - is she?" And as I pondered the big kids came into the living room with her like this singing to the tune of an Aladdin song "Make way for princess Piper"
OK - so maybe she is a little princess. We better nip this in the bud... starting tomorrow.


  1. Cute! Our baby #6 is like that! She lived 5 of her infant months in Costa Rica with us. They carry their babies at all times, even when sleeping! Crying is just not an option in that culture! It was quite an adjustment when we returned! I say, whatever helps mom sleep the most! Have fun!!!

  2. Ah, see your little Piper is one smart girl!!

    You just listen to your God given mama instincts! All my kids have slept with us ON PURPOSE because they want and need to be there, and if they need it, then we want them there (and no it doesn't interfere with "other" things, LOL)!!

    You push a couple beds together, and you can easily fit 6 people in a bed (ask me how I know? We have a King and a Twin, LOL)

    And no, they won't be sleeping with you in college or even when they older (may be a bit embarrassing for them if they did, LOL) they grow out of it and want their own bed as soon as they are ready.

    The way I see it, is very natural and instinctual for them to want and need to be close to us (the people in Costa Rica have it right!!) they are only little once, they only need us like this for such a short time and I try to cherish it while it lasts!!

  3. Enjoy her, and Jason will know in your heart the timing of things.

  4. Ahhh...she is a little princess. Little pip!....Don't do it...Don't do it, mama....look at that sweet little face!!!

  5. LOL! She is TOTALLY a little princess!! But what's wrong with that!?!? Everyone adores her - not a bad place to be! And she's so cute!!!

  6. So cute! You will have to see how my girls carry "Princess Lucy" around the is hilarious.

    So good to see you today. I have missed you and your little ones. Mia can hardly wait to see the twins this week and play with them again!

  7. I'm with most everyone else on this... kids seem to tell us what they need and when... Savor every moment. I was thinking of giving away my glider recently, but Owen still wants to rock in it before bed sometimes, so it's not going anywhere yet! He also wants to snuggle in his bed before he sleeps, and sometimes in my bed in the morning or after the very rare bad dream. I figure he told me when he was done breastfeeding, and certainly, he'll be "too cool to snuggle" one of these days, so I'm soaking up every minute that I can get!

  8. I know how you feel Kristi, sometimes JR wants to hop in bed with me even though the Dog Whisperer says that he needs rules to live can I say no when it's cold in the room and he looks at me with a Bolt quality begging face.