Friday, January 16, 2009

The last thing in the world we need...

... a dog. Tonight when our kids were begging for a dog Jason said "If you guys can keep your rooms spotless for 30 days we will get you a puppy." He said this with complete confidence that there in NO WAY in the world that they could possibly do this. They, however, ran into their rooms, jumping up and down and starting making plans and schedules about how to achieve the 30 day clean room challenge. Feeling a little sorry for them, and not wanting to actually have to buy them a puppy if they succeeded, told them that daddy was kinda kidding. Madison and Carson started bawling. Bawling. I mean, 15 minutes later they were in their separate rooms crying their little eyes out. I felt AWFUL! For the first time ever in my life I actually want to buy a dog - just to give it to them.
I've always known that they really wanted a dog - but they've always known that I REALLY didn't. I guess I never knew it was such a deep issue for them.

Tomorrow, Jason and I decided, we will actually sit down with the kids and talk about getting a dog. We will talk about the responsibilities and what we need to see in them as far as knowing they are ready to add a furry little monster into the house. I can't believe it has actually come to this. I can't believe my heart has melted at their little tears and has opened the forbidden doggie door. But look at them???? Can you blame me???


  1. Just tell them you would, but Ty would be scared of it...then they will just spite Ty and you're off the hook!

  2. OK, I want to get those sweet kids a dog. ;) Poor Madison breaks my heart! Mine would love one too, they ask on a regular basis, but so far "Daddy's allergic to all things with fur" has kept us safe. I'll be watching to see if you go soft and bring home a puppy! :)


  3. I believe that Charlotte and Wilbur have been cast PERFECTLY...:)
    Sorry to even have a glimmer of humor in your precious children's heartache. What a good mommy you are to do something you "never said you'd do..."

  4. I say you just up the ante to 90 days with a clean room, and mean it.