Friday, January 2, 2009

Lazy New Year's Day

What did we spend the first day of the new year doing? NOTHING!! We've been so busy that using a day to stay in p.j's was exactly what we needed. We played wii, other games, blogged, snuggled, and watched some of Cartoon Network's Looney Tunes marathon.

At first, I was a bit refreshed at the lack of political correctness on can find in every singe Looney Tunes cartoon but then I started to wonder... I saw enough gunshots to rival Saving Private Ryan - the violence is crazy! Unrealistic, but a lot! From guns, to mouse traps, to dynamite, to automatic weapons!

There is considerable name calling and a lot of adult humor. I also noticed that episodes frequently have a scantily clad buxom woman over which male characters drool, have their eyes pop out of their heads and pant like dogs. Yep, I'll take the political correctness, I guess. Give me the Backyardigans or Sid the Science Kid any day.

Then Jason and I made a yummy stir fry dinner for the crew. It was delicious.

I know every day can't be filled with such relaxation and laziness but I am savoring this one. All the activity and the obligations are coming soon enough. Maybe a bit of laziness and a bit of political correctness isn't as bad as I thought. :)


  1. Yah, I can't believe that after so many years of watching looney toons myself, that I'm not carrying around a shotgun, too... somehow we turned out alright... it's the parental influence, which you're doing a great job with Kristi! Carry on! We love the Backyardigans at our house!

  2. Kristi, your life is so easy compared to mine...enjoy being able to do nothing all day.

  3. I'm enjoying your blog Kristi!
    Your stir fry looks yummmy!

    Don't worry about the political correctness....I watched the Road Runner's head explode a million times when I was young...I still have nightmares from time-to-time...HA!!! But, it's nothing a little therapy can't handle. HA!!!