Friday, January 30, 2009

Rinn and Creed come to play

Every new momma should get some time with the new baby while her other kids are being entertained elsewhere. We all feel awful about this and don't ask anyone to do it because we are already changing the little worlds of our kids by bringing home a new baby - how can we say that we need a little break from them? I know this was my experience.

I'm not putting any words in Sunny's mouth - and I didn't really give her a chance to argue. I wanted to get my favorite little faux-hawked and red headed Kershes over for some play time and hoped some alone time for Mommy, Daddy, and JuJu would be appreciated.

Ally loves Rinny. She found her a little teacup (which Rinn gave to Ally for her birthday!) to use with lunch. Here she is pouring more water in the cup with a measuring cup...

The girls watched a few minutes of a princess movie, colored and made books, and played outside. The boys only wanted to do one thing...

... play the Wii, of course. I made them turn it off a few times and had them go play outside - I just couldn't be that babysitter that let them play endless video games but that sure is what they wanted. In their defense... trying to take turns between 8 kids doesn't give any one child much playing time!

I painted Rinn's finger nails and we put bootiful flowers on them!Cookie monsters!! We had fresh from the oven cookies as a treat!

This is Piper's new "big smile for the camera" face. Lovely!

We had so much fun with our good pals. Come back again soon!


  1. You really are a great friend and my 2 babies had such a fantastic time. I love the "bootiful" comment, sounds just like Rinny. Pip's new smile for the camera is bootiful too.

  2. you are awesome. wish you could come when i have my baby :). E and A would LOVE a day with yours!