Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl? Nah - super friends.

Growing up in the home of a NFL and college football coach, and seeing as my dad actually played for the Steelers, you would think I would have been pretty excited about the Superbowl. But actually, though I do really enjoy football, these days, I really only truly enjoy watching my dad's current team. And since I married a guy who doesn't care for watching professional sports - we didn't have any big party plans. I only knew who was playing because I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about it on his show!

SO - knowing Rod was in the same boat as Jason, I asked my friend, Rachel if they wanted to come over on game night and hang out. Somehow I ended up altering the plans and inviting us over to their house instead and we decided to celebrate Rod's birthday. Way more fun than football!

Rachel is amazing hostess. She had covered the kids table in white paper, scattered crayons around and had kid friendly appetizers for them. No wonder my kids love the Castor house?!
Rachel had made homemade noodle soup and a from scratch apple pie... all for her honey - his birthday treats! And it was a treat for us too.

The kids did a "Happy Birthday" rendition for Rod, complete with instruments.

Here, Rod is trying to blow out his candle in the apple pie without dropping Josie!
We have really been blessed by this family and cherish the developing friendships. Rachel was my first homeschooling-mom friend here. She is an amazing mom and teacher - she inspires me! No football game could leave me wanting to be better at being a mom. We were glad to choose super friends over the Superbowl.


  1. Seriously, that Rachel Castor and Kristi Woodard are nutso awesome. I love em' both tremendously.

    Plus, I cannot believe your dad played for the Steelers, that is so awesome. That makes you kind of famous, I think.

    You girls are both superfriends and both inspire many people (me included). Now, if that friend of yours would be better at blogging it would make my heart even happier.

  2. Aww, Kristi- I feel so honored that our evening got it's own blog entry...Yea Us! :)

    We had such a great time with you all, as we always do...I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with your friendship, and look forward to many more fun times in the future.

    Love you!

    PS- Sunny...for real, I'm trying. I have now decided that if I had that lens that made things go blurry in the background THEN I would have amazing pictures and blog all the time. Isnt that messed up?!?!? I'll go blog something right now.... ;)