Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love this store!

I needed to get a few groceries on New Year's Eve and the only grocery store open was a local store called Crest. The parking lot was packed, so i was expecting chaos inside... like Wal Mart. How wrong I was! And I soon feel in love with Crest!
I went back on Monday and brought my camera. My favorite part of the store is their, huge, beautiful produce department!

Look at the fabulous display. Isn't it pretty? And it is not just pretty... the produce prices are great. Golden delicious apples were 99cents a pound. Bell peppers were 99 cents each. these prices are both a good bit lower than I pay at Wal Mart.

So as not to bore you I will jump to the end - my other favorite part...

Do you see how many open registers there are??? 13 on this particular day - with one person checking you out and one person bagging groceries (and offering to help you out to your car!). This is amazing! Do you know how sick I am of standing in long lines at Wal Mart or doing the self check out so I can avoid more long lines? This seems like a paradise!

The milk is definitely cheaper but I'm not so sure about the prices of the items in between - but I'm willing to keep going back until I figure it out! So long Wal Mart... I'm sure I'll visit.

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  1. Yeah, they redid parts of the store fairly recently (including the whole produce area) - looks pretty good now.