Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carson turns 10

OK -I know we all say "They grow up so fast!" I just cannot believe my special little guy is 10 years old! Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday he was born in my sleep (yep, you heard me - true story - but that is for another post!).

Carson is such a special boy. He is so talented. Watching him star as Wilbur in Charlotte's Web showed me just how gifted he is on the stage. He is smart and very funny. He is such a sensitive little guy and this makes him a good friend and a good sibling. He LOVES his baby sister.

For his birthday party he really wanted to go to the new Lego store in OKC. We took our kids and his guests, in the rain, to this Mecca of all things Lego. It was neat-o. The kids all picked out Lego sets and then got to fill a box from the pieces that fill one wall.

This Indiana Jone was crazy! Made entirely out of Legos. It was ridiculous and I think even looks like Harrison Ford!
Then we went back to our house. We played a game - who can build the tallest tower without falling over in 2 minutes. I would have won except mine couldn't really stand on its own so I let one of the kids win. (haha!)

We ate cake and ice cream and then opened presents and then the kids all decided to build their Lego sets.
OK - I really don't like the cake. I chose not to do fondant because it doesn't taste good but trying to ice this was a nightmare and I think they look awful. SO, no comments about how cute the cake is and no comments saying "Kristi, you're silly - it looks fine." Just let it go, folks. I have. :)
Carson loved his party. We had his birthday dinner (which he requested to be chili - not exactly what I want to be eating on July 27 but it's what he wanted!)
I can't tell you enough how much I love this boy. I think he is going to impact the world for Christ some day. That is my prayer. Just looking at these pictures melts my heart and makes me fall in love with all over again. I've got it bad for this one. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Play Doh creations (and mommy's frustration)

I can't stand playdoh. It is such a mess. But my kids love it. Here are some of their most recent creations:

Mmmmmm - burger and fries anyone?
Ahoy there Cap'n Crunch

A birthday cake

A girl with a hat and purse
Leo from the Little Einsteins
The next two are Transformers

Bob and Larry (without eyes)

Little red Riding Hood with a pizza

I really think their creativity is fantastic but I sure hate the mess. Despite their promises to clean EVERY last bit of it up, I end up finding playdoh bits all over the dining room and kitchen... and living room... and the classroom... and the bathroom..... and the bedroom closets (?).... and so on.

So, the playdoh will be put away for a few months until I am shopping at Target and see a cute little pack of cool colored playdoh for only a dollar and I will think "Oh, how fun! Let's do Play doh!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Politically Correct

OK - there is a point to this post but I am going to have to give a little background first...

Race has never been an issue with our kids. They have never known that our country has issues with race or that people might look at someone differently because of the color of their skin. They have black friends - we have black friends. Never have the kids talked about their being any differences between us. Once in a while I hear will hear them say something like "the guy who is dark skinned." And that is fine with me. We are all people to them and we just have different shades to our skin. (*note: my older kids do know that horrible things have been done in our country in the forms of slavery and prejudice)
However, we had more race discussion in our house last year due to the election. I am a big political buff and so the news and talk radio were on a lot. We talked about the idea that people would not vote for Barack Obama just because he was black and that some people might vote for him just because he was. We talked about how both of these views were wrong. We talked about why we should vote for a candidate and how the color of someones skin is not an issue at all.

SO.... yesterday Wilson said that he liked Quincy (from the Little Einsteins) the best. Tyson quickly and with a bit of outrage said:
"WIL-SON! You cannot like Quincy just because he is dark skinned!"
Wilson then replied "No, I like him because he likes musical instruments."
"Oh," Ty replied, "do you like musical instruments too?"
"Uh huh" he nodded.
"oh - then that's ok."

I had no idea I was raising such politically correct little ones!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby belly correction

So Tyson and I are chatting and he brings up the belly thing (see previous post)...

Ty - "why do you have a big belly?"
me - "why do you think my belly is so big?"
Ty - "because it is - see" (and he points... to my chest!!!!)
me- "these????"
Ty - "yeah. why are they big? Are you going to have a baby?"

hahahahaha!!!!!!!! And so we had to delve into a whole different conversation. That makes me feel so much better! My son doesn't really think all mommies have big bellies - we just all have boobs!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby belly

SO- I overhear Ally and Tyson playing this morning. They are playing some sort of you're the mommy and I'm the daddy game. They have Piper with them and they have a baby doll. Ally then hold her hands out to mimic a pregnant belly and says
"I have a big belly"
Ty asks "Why is your belly big?"
Ally says "because I am having a baby."
and Ty replies "No. Your tummy is like that because you are a mommy. Mommies tummies are just like that."

All right Jillian Michaels, here I come!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preach It, Sister!

SO, the other day I find Madison, with open Bible in hand talking to the twins on the back porch. I grabbed my camera and went out. It wasn't quite fire and brimstone but she was certainly making her point. They were listening intently. THEN I heard the sentence that I just couldn't believe. Wilson said "We're not SINNERS!"
What??! Seriously??! This troubles me greatly for 2 reasons...
1. These boys are just as naughty as can be and they know it!
2. From the time they were infants we have told these boys that they have wicked hearts, that they are sinners and how much they need a Savior! Every time they do their naughty things, they get disciplined and hear that speech over and over again. How could he say that?!
What could I do but laugh? They are so funny. We talked about it over dinner. I assured them that they were sinners which made them ask immediately if they were going to hell. We took every opportunity to share the wonderful good news of Jesus. I think they heard...but obviously I am not a very good judge of what is sinking in!
O Lord Jesus - Have merce on my children. Draw them to you!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrate Freedom

To celebrate our great country, we had a few families over to cookout and enjoy fireworks. Actually, my friend Andrea basically hosted the party- we just had it at my house. Andrea and Rachel brought all sorts of food - we had way more than we could eat and we had 24 people here! What great friends. And we added to the mix our new friends the Markmillers

Of course, there is never dinner at the Woodards without a show...
After dinner a storm came blowing in. Tyson and Mia were jumping on the trampoline - probably not the safest place to be in a lightning storm but I still had to snap a picture before they got off. She is his bestest buddy and I just love this precious girl for being my son's friend.

Evidently, this is Carson's new favorite pose for pictures - you'll see it again...

Mia, Ty and Katie Mei waiting for the fireworks

OK - can't make a snide remark about this one because I have a picture of myself playing guitar on my tennis racket and I was in high school - shame on me...

I love how sweet Emma could just jump in and go for the goofy pose with the boys. Man, she is C-U-T-E!

These boys are so goofy - and you know what? I love it.

Our line of kids - all 17 of them!
Pipster loved the fireworks - she thought every single one was amazing (unless she was distracted by the popcorn)!

Half of them were snoozing big time before we got home.

Hope everyone had a great day. Contemplate our great freedoms in this country and be prepared to fight for them.