Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Jude comes home... at last!!!!!

I know it won't stop me from continuing to write, but I barely have words to describe how I feel about little Jee Han finally being here, in the arms of his parents. We went to the airport today to welcome the finally complete Kersh family home.

We all wore our BE(LOVE)D t-shirts. The shirts were part of a fund raiser the Kershes did to help raise money to get little Jude. We missed out on the initial order but Sunny did a rush order for us just last week. I made little buttons with Jude's picture on it for all the kids to wear. They were so excited. The twins have been asking every day if this is the day we go to the airport to get Jude.

Here are some of the kids waiting at the airport. Everyone here was just so invested by way of prayer for this little baby and this family. It was so exciting to know were all there with something in common - even if we didn't know each other.
Here the kids are trying to look up the escalator to get the first glimpse of Sunny and Jude.

And then the moment came... this little baby that I have stayed up nights praying for and loving was right there in front of me. My dear friend, who has been so incomplete without her son, had him there in her arms - and he seemed so happy and content to be with his mommy.

Even though we had told the children to stay back and not touch I guess they just couldn't help swarming in on the main event.
Oh, how I cried. It was just overwhelming to feel like a part of something so much bigger than you. To see in front of you so many answered prayers. To see the joy in Micah and Sunny's faces - it was just amazing... truly special.

Welcome home little Jee Han. You are loved so very much. God has given you the most amazing parents. Thank you, Lord for your sweet mercy and ever present providence. You are so Good.


  1. Don't you believe that this will one day be the kind of celebration we will have when we are all greeted by our Heavenly Father. Today was truly amazing and we serve such a wonderful God.

  2. Ahhh.....thanks so much! I just clicked on your blog to get caught up on the woodard household, and saw us!

    I have to agree with Nesli that yesterday did give me a glimpse into the love that we will experience in heaven, or at least what I envision it being like.

    Yesterday and today have been such a wonderful and memorable part of our journey. I am so thankful to God for putting your family in our lives. I know that you all have prayed for him like he was your own. That is true community, friend. I love you all.