Sunday, September 9, 2012

Valentine treats and Easter Pic

I have taken so few pictures lately. Didn't know until weeks later why I was so lethargic in February and March but little baby Woodard was already taking a toll on his old momma.

But I did manage to take pictures of our pinterest inspired Valentine treats.

Wilson gave bubbles that said "You blow me away!"

Pippa gave heart straws that said "A Valentine sip from sweet little Pip."

The big girls printed out the coolest coloring sheets to give out.

The big boys gave Tootsie Pops with mustaches for the boys and lips for the girls...

And Tyson handed out valentine inspired smores. The marshmallows were hearts!

OK - actually uploaded a post. Maybe I can get some momentum going.

Why I've been a bad blogger...

.... I'm always trying to sleep!! Excited (and totally surprised) to welcome a new Woodard in early October. Hopefully will catch up soon.

A LOVEly quilt for baby

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's debatable

I cannot express enough how much we have loved Madison's debate class this year and our new involvement in the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association. I already posted about Madison and my visits to pre-season warm up tournaments - which were so helpful to watch. January 12-14 brought us our very first actual tournament, in which Madison competed in Lincoln Douglas debate and she and Carson in Duo Interpretation. What an amazing experience!!

Madison's class has taken on the name DiSCO (Debate Scholars of Central Oklahoma). Here they are at our house the week before tournament prepping their arguments. How awesome to have 13 - 17 year olds sitting around your dining room table discussing due process and the discovery of fact. These kids are so bright and encouraging and excellent and fun. I am really thankful for them.

Morning of day one of very first tournament...

Some of our DiSCO kids congregating before things get started...

No "win or die trying" attitude here. The kids are praying together to head in to the day and it was not rare to see and experienced debater offer to pray with his/ her opponent before the round started. And as long as those 17 year old boys don't offer to pray with Madison I am just fine with that. :)

Madison was amazing. I was so worried about her little 13 year old self going into debate these big, experienced kids but she really did so well. You do not find out until after the tournament which rounds you won or lost but we know now that she won her very first ever round against an experienced debater! She was so confident and when she didn't know what to say - you couldn't tell. I was so very proud of her. She ended up winning 2 of her 6 rounds - which is better than we thought.

But then she and Carson... they made it to the semi finals with their duo! They were hilarious and just so so good. They won 5th place overall for the entire tournament!! Love it!!!

Ally's birthday hit right in the middle of the tournament. Knowing how hectic and busy it would be (3 days of 7 am - 7pm or later) we had simply decided to celebrate her birthday afterwards. However, two friends of mine brought birthday treats to the tournament for her without knowing the other had done so as well. Seriously, me, her own mother did nothing while TWO of my friends, who are just as busy, with their own kids debating, were thoughtful enough to celebrate our sweet Peach. I think I was more blessed than she was.

 A few more shots...

We had no idea that Carson and Madison would be called up on stage during the awards ceremony to receive honors for their duo and I took Carson back to the house on Saturday afternoon due o his pure exhaustion (I can't convey enough how truly tiring the three days are!). But his sister was happy to collect for him.
I can't recommend enough the benefits of speech and debate. Looking forward to the year and the future.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome 2012

We love bringing in the new year. The kids look forward to NYE with such anticipation. Normally I set all he clocks ahead an hour sometime during the day so we can ring in the new year with East coast and still get the kids in bed by 11:15. But since NYE was on a Saturday this year and we attend church on Sat. nights it just wasn't going to work. So - all the way till midnight we celebrated together.

Bucking tradition again - instead of doing bags with treats/ gifts we moved everything to the chalk board. It still worked just as well and helped to save money.

We got home from church and ate pizza and got into pj's.

8:00 brought us a puzzle competition...

...followed by cup stacking contests. We have never done the cup stacking thing (I know - aren't homeschoolers supposed to be all about that?!). The kids LOVED stacking the cups and especially loved learning how to take them down quickly. We did ours in minute to win it style.

While waiting for the 9:00 hour Jason decided to see how high he could  stack a single tower.

You would have thought he was a superhero. The following pics are actually (NOT POSED) pics of my kids faces as they watched daddy's tower get higher and higher...

9:00 brought Wii and air hockey tournaments and our precious friends, the McLaurins...

10:00 movie...

 11:00 - gather round for ice cream sundaes...

And then we prayed the new year in together. Jason talked to the kids all that happened this past year that we had not planned on  - his new company, Colby's cancer, my back issues and tied them all in to God's sovereignty and care. He then asked us to think about what the Lord might have for us this year. Who knows what adventures He might take us on. How will we look next year at this time. We certainly have our own ideas but long to be ready to embrace the ways our heavenly Father desires to sanctify us. Soli Deo Gloria! Happy 2012!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Few pics from Christmas Eve

It was DELIGHTFUL to have all my family here for Christmas - plus the 3 dogs my brothers brought (talk about a full, FUN house!).

Here are pics of Christmas Eve...

Madison and her precious friend, Abigail...

Madison wearing her new suit - gift from Nana - and her first pair of heels! She is ready for debate.