Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Madi is 11!

Madison has turned 11. I can hardly believe that it was 11 years ago that I was the young, new mom that I still think I am today! She looked so grown up here, the night of her party, but what I love the most about my Madison is that she is still so sweet and young inside. She loves her dolls, she loves to cuddle with her daddy, she holds my hand when we are out and she doesn't have a clue about pop culture or fashion. She wears anything I buy her. She trusts anything we tell her. I know this will not last forever, but for now I truly love it.

For her birthday party I took her and her 4 good friends (and their American Girl dolls) to the Melting Pot for chocolate fondue. What a special treat for a special birthday girl.
When they first got to the house we did our nails. My friend, Andrea (Maddy's mom) helped me provide superior service to our young clients.

After the nails were beautiful and dry we headed to the Melting Pot. I hung Christmas lights in the van and had water bottles for the girls to try and made the ride special.

The girls were so excited. You have never met such a sweet group of "tween" girls. I feel so good about heading into teenage years if these are my daughter's good friends. (Way to go parents!! I have prayed for you and your daughters long before I ever met you!) They were also very silly... which I have to love as well - they are still little girls.

Only one of the girls had ever been here before, so it was a new and exciting treat. At one point Madison said "He just called me ma'am!" They tore through those desserts like a group of hungry linebackers! We had to ask for more treats to dip into the chocolate twice!

Madison had so much fun. She was exhausted by the time we got home (after 10!) and went straight to bed. She is still our precious Sweet Pea. She has increasing interest in the things of the Lord and serving Him. She still thinks that she wants to spend her life serving in a foreign mission field. Nothing thrills my soul more than to see that. She once again, decided to send her birthday money to Samaritans Purse even though she has really been wanting a few things from the American Girl catalog. I wish I were more like her!

Happy Birthday, Sweets. We are so proud of the young lady you are becoming and love so much the girl you are now.


  1. Ohhh...happy birthday, Madison!! What a little sweety. I LOVE the melting pot idea, and the hanging how you are delighting your children. :)

  2. my word! i can't believe it!!!
    she is too cute.