Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Devotions

It has been really great to get back into the swing of having regular family devotions. Big props to Don Whitney for reminding us of the importance of this and reminding families that your devotions don't have to be some big formal Sunday School lesson - just get into the practice of reading the Scriptures, singing, and praying together. And big props for my hubs who is faithful to lead us and desires greatly to disciple the children.

However, I did want to remind families of one thing Don Whitney forgets to say. If you have young children, or 7 children, your devotion time might feel more like teaching algebra to chimpanzees. Where you think your super spiritual devotion time might look like this:

What is more often looks like is this:

So, if you are daunted at the thought of starting family worship of your own and assume when you hear me or others talk about theirs -that we must have it "all together" let me give you a glimpse into last night's devotions...

* Wilson was in only pajama bottoms and for some reason, Piper could not stop trying to touch his nipples.

* Cole could not keep his legs off Madison and finally had to be threatened with a spanking.

* Tyson snuck in a Little Einstein toy (which he was sitting on) and turned it on while Jason was talking.

* Piper picked up a hair clip and made a remarkably high pitched noise while scratching it on the coffee table. This, of course, made all the kids laugh. (touching Will's nipples is what made me laugh)

* Ally raises her hand and asks "Would it feel different if God never made the Earth?" (in her defense, Jason was talking about the similarities between God and the sun... which I guess sent her thoughts to the solar system etc...)

That's what I can remember off the top of my head. It can feel like reigning in a circus at times. Still, we are determined to be faithful. We are hopeful that hearing and singing and praying God's Word will resonate in their hearts. We want them to know this is the most important thing to us.

We know that as they grow it will be easier. We already have some really great discussions with the older kids. Some day I think we will all look forward to devotions as a favorite part of the day - getting to share with one another what the Lord is teaching us and share in the worship of our great God. And I am quite certain that one day we will all LOOK BACK and realize it was something we are so glad we took the time to discipline ourselves to do. So, we press on through the crazy nights, savoring the precious times and looking forward to seeing fruit in the days to come.

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  1. Thanks for "keepin' it real," friend... I have been shown a view of this through rose colored glasses way too many times! You encourage me to start something up with Owen, especially while we are "church shopping." (Oh, how I hate that term.)