Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Car shopping!!

I am amazed and delighted to report that we can begin looking for a second car. But why should I be amazed? Isn't it just like our Heavenly Father to provide us great gifts when we are not expecting them???

Anyone who knows us well, knows that though we are delighted about Jason's new job, we have been left in a difficult position due to having just the one car. Because we have commitments on Mondays and Thursdays, we were left with me having to load the kids up early in the morning to take Jason to work and then have to all pick him right in the middle of dinner prep. A second car has been at the top of our prayer request list (right after little Jude) and something we have been longing for.

We have no means at the moment to pay for a car - no stocked up savings pile, no extra income to put into a savings account. So, though we knew we needed a car, we also knew we had no idea how we would be able to purchase one any time soon. But we did know that the Lord would provide if it was something we needed right now. And He has. He has moved in the hearts of friends of ours from church. Yes, we came home last night to find a sweet letter and a very generous check that will completely pay for a used car!!! There are no words except "wow" and "thank you." There is great rejoicing in our home! God is so good and His Body at work is truly beautiful. We are so blessed (and excited!!!).

OK - back to Craig's List!!!!


  1. WOW! That is just wonderful! Keep us posted?

  2. Try carmax, too, because all the prices are pre-negotiated, and the cars are inspected and all that jazz!

  3. It is amazing what the Body of Christ can accomplish when it does what it is supposed to do. You and Jason are a blessing to many...I'm glad God gave you this blessing.