Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy's Girl

For the first time EVER today Piper wanted Jason over me. She wouldn't come to me when I tried to get her! What is going on here?? Jason always hates that the babies prefer me when they are little - Pip has been a true blue mommy's sugar. But today, she went to J, raised her hands and when I tried to get her so Jason could work she turned her head and snuggled into Jason's neck. What a moment for daddy! Even after repeated pleadings from me she still wanted her daddy. They've been two little peas in a pod today.

I'm not offended. It's time for daddy to have a turn. I wasn't quite ready for it yet though. Maybe it's just a fluke. Or maybe this means Jason will have to deal with her in the middle of the night - only seems fitting, right? Maybe her daddy's immense love for her is starting to make sense in her little heart. Maybe she's just starting early at getting him wrapped around her little finger! (note to Piper... it's already done.)


  1. ah yes, neilster was always a bit jealous.... a baby prefering you sure feels nice doesn't it???

  2. He was probably just slipping her chocolate when you weren't looking. I do the same thing with cats. I'll bring some "pounce" treats in my pocket...they smell it and hang around me, then when the girl (who I'm trying to impress) isn't looking, I slip the cat a treat. Then the girl thinks that I'm awesome because her cat likes me, and her cat never likes strangers.

    Did I mention I'm still single?