Thursday, January 8, 2009

FULL day!

We had a FULL day today! It's going to take a few posts to cover all the great activity. We started the day with a field trip to the Oklahoma publishing museum. The kids got to learn about turn of the century methods used in publishing. I actually learned a lot.
Here are Carson and Mitchell giving their best "I'm having a blast at the publishing museum" faces.

Abigail, Madison, and Maddy... are there sweeter "tweens" in the world?

Eliza, Annabell, and Ally after making their books. I couldn't ask for better friends for my kids.

After the field trip we (the Woodards and Maddy and Mitchell Lee) raced back to the house where my awesome friend, Sunny was watching my little kids. She let me take her van so that I didn't have to take Jason to work. Isn't that wonderful? She was willing to lug her kids ( minus one) over to my house and babysit. What a pal!

Then Sunny and her son, Creed, went to get their hair cut while her daughter, Rinn stayed and helped me make lunch for 10 kids!
Making mac-n-cheese with Rinny was the most fun I have ever had making mac-n-cheese.
It was so nice to have Maddy and Mitchell over for a while. We really missed them while they were on vacation over the holidays. The boys were delighted to be able to play Wii for a while.
The girls were delighted to sit and TALK and look at books and play with their American Girl dolls. Maddy and Mitchell are the perfect match for my big kids!
And my sweet Ally was ,of course, delighted to take care of the little ones and play games with them. Is she precious, or what?
This was just the BEGINNING of my day. We had 2 other families over for dinner and playing tonight. We are so thankful to the Lord for our house! It is so wonderful to be able to be hospitable again and be able to get know other believers better. All the these families... Kershes, Lees, Nevners, Pecks... you bless me so much and I love you all!!


  1. OMG - is Maddie a "tween" already?!??

  2. Kristi, your blogs are awesome, especially the pictures. I mention to my friends that my sister has this cool blog, and then they tell me to check out their blog, and it doesn't have pictures, and I don' love their kids...but I don't think that has anything to do with it.

  3. As we were driving down the road today Rinn was saying "you know when we were ober at the woodards, I made mac n cheese and wuz blowin' on it....that was the most fun."

    Apparently, all the fun in the world does happen at the woodard household!!