Monday, January 12, 2009

Ally's Birthday Party

Ally had her 8th birthday party over the weekend. We had 13 little girls invade the house for a winter wonderland party.

We had snowflakes falling from the ceiling and fake snow on the windows and doors.

I made these cute little polar bear cupcakes.

And I had had "glittery snow" cupcakes for anyone that didn't like coconut. We played winter themed games... my favorite was this one where they had to dress up a team member like a snow man using toilet paper. Here they are surrounding their lovely snowmen. These girls are all so very sweet. We made snowflake crafts, had cake and ice cream, and opened gifts. but what they really wanted to do was throw the fake snow up in the air... so at the very end we went in the front yard to throw the snow...

It was a great day. I am thankful for the families the Lord has brought to us whose daughters are Ally's friends. I am thankful that Ally is showing great interest in the things of the Lord. I love her sweet spirit, her thoughtfulness, and for how caring she is. She is very helpful and loves her younger siblings with a special love (she loves the big ones too!). Happy Birthday little Peach - you are so very loved!


  1. What a party....check out that table, folks!!! You are so great at "delighting" your children. Your love is so obvious. Thanks so much to Ally (little sweetheart) for making my little sweetheart feel so big and special!

  2. Amazing Kristi, really amazingly magical!