Saturday, March 28, 2009


Someone starts a cupcake store called Sprinkles and in no time it becomes a franchise all over the country - serving yummy and overpriced cupcakes. Since their success small copycat shops have popped up all over the country and we had one open near us this winter. Ally got to go there this morning for a birthday party. It was fantastic.

Can we just chalk this up as idea #472 of things I could have become successful for if only I had tried to go public. Seriously?!! Don't even get me started on lady who started decorating her kids crocs and ended up making 20 million dollars last year (Jibbitz).
Oh well - I guess I have enough on my plate - but I sure wouldn't mind making 20 million dollars for something silly I do on a regular basis.
So here's to all the moms who get to "have their cupcake and eat it too" and to the rest of us who only get paid in hugs and kisses... all of us wealthy in the most important ways! :)


  1. Man, I'm a fan of the cupcake store here called Crumbs! Overpriced, yes but oh so good! I always wish I could come up with that next great idea, but I'll settle for the hugs and kisses too :)

  2. Just think of something that is cheap, and charge a lot for it. That's basic economic genius.

    Starbucks, Bottled Water, Jeans with holes already in them...

  3. First of all, love the new blog look.

    Second, there is a new cupcake store opening soon 2 miles from our house. Every time we pass it, I look for an opening date. I will be there on opening day!