Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Sickies

Wilson threw up twice early Sunday morning and started a fever. Pip threw up twice last night and started a fever. Colson has started a fever but hasn't thrown up - and I'm sitting her hoping (in between laundry and clean-up) that it doesn't spread any more!

Here's what was going on around the sick house today...

My little fevered boys have both been laying on the living room floor wrapped in a blanket. SO pitiful!
Always the dramatic one, Madison found this mask in daddy's tool boxes and is hoping it will keep her from getting sick herself. She also has a bottle of hand sanitizer in her pocket.

Here's Piper, coloring in Carson's Grammar workbook because the school books were all in living room instead of the classroom.

And my super sweet friend, Sunny, brought me a drink from Sonic and brought the kids cupcakes from the party they missed since I kept them home from drama class. Is that thoughtful or what?!!!
Right now I am so thankful for thoughtful and praying friends - keep it up you guys (the praying ,you don't all have to bring cupcakes :) )!


  1. I am sure something like that can spread like wild fire...I absolutely love Madison's mask!

  2. Wow, you have some nice friends--taking you kiddos on a field trip,bringing you soup when you're sick, bringing cupcakes and SONIC!!!!

    Hope you're home is healthy soon!

  3. I am cracking up at Madison's mask!!! That's hilarious.

    I'll be praying your little ones get better soon!

    This is gonna sound terrible, but I kinda like when my kids are sick...(not throwing up) but when they just lay around like that. They love to cuddle and just want to be comfy. And they sleep I can get stuff done!

  4. I agree, Angela. When the kids are sick, it is low key around (except for throwing up!).

    Sorry everyone is sick at your house. Hopefully the vommitting will stop soon. I'm laughing at Madison with the mask and sanitizer. That looks just like something Denise's Maddie would do!

  5. The mask and hand sanitizer is so Sunny, except she is forgetting the lyesol :) I am a FANATIC about germs, watch closely sometime when we go out to eat with our kids, you will notice!

    Hope your house is healthy soon and no more pukes. Thanks for the shout out!

  6. oh yea, speaking of germs....we won't mention what happened to the cupcakes that I am sure someone ate in the Woodard house...our little secret.

  7. Man, sorry your kids are all sick! I'm laughing at Madison's mask too! Every family has to have at least one dramatic one. Hope you all get feeling better soon!