Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coupon Craziness

Several of the blogs I read are by women that are on this amazing coupon kick. I have seen girls get large amounts of groceries for 10 cents (yes, Donna, you know who you are) and even a girl I don't know (I blog stalk) who is getting MONEY BACK when she buys $200 worth of groceries - because of all the coupon-ing. I just don't get it!!!!!!!! Here was my attempt...

Groceries for the week.

$100.18 worth of stuff (less than my typical week)

$100.18 paid

total savings $0!!!!!!!!

I got my Sunday paper and scoured a few of the online coupon sites and although there were many coupons none of them were for things that I was needing to buy nor were they for things that I typically buy (except for one $1 off a cleaner but by the end I didn't even print it off because what was the point?!).

I don't have any grocery stores that do double or triple coupons here - I settle with WalMart because they have the lowest prices. I do know that they price match but the competition store around here does not advertise prices. SO - I just need to know... DONNA, DOLLY, ANGELA...IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR ME TO BE LIKE YOU?? I think I need an in home tutorial. :) How long does it take you to get all your coupons ready for one week's shop? Do you girls have to routinely shop at several places? Because that's another thing I do not think I could do - I'm pretty sure I need to be a "one stop shop" kinda girl. Maybe I'm not supposed to have much success at this because I would obsess over it way to much. I don't know. I just leave these blogs inspired by their awesome shopping sense. Any help?


  1. I agree 100%. I have such a hard time being a coupon savy person. I love reading their blog about how much they save and I know I could certainly benefit from that but I have no idea how. If I use coupons I end up spending more $ because I get things I wouldn't normally get just to use it :) I look forward to the advice they give you on this one :)

  2. I'm apparently a "blog stalker" too! Hi! I'm the same way, I've looked at "the Grocery Game" and other couponing sites and would never actually buy the stuff that the coupons are for, so I don't spend the time or energy. I do use the store flyers and stock up when I notice things are on sale. That's the best I can do!

  3. haha! Couponing is a science. Once you get it down pat, it is like second nature. It takes a little time and patience to collect, sort and plan. I only shop at one store...I don't grocery hop around finding the best deals. $100 for one week feeding a family of 9 isn't bad, Kristi!

  4. First of all...CLAP CLAP CLAP for using your re-usable grocery bags! Okay, here's how I'm getting slowly started. I get 2 papers each week. I cut out everything. Then, I go through the grocery fliers in the Sunday paper. I see what's on sale at the grocery store, and then, I put a coupon with it. The other thing is that it's really hard to eat healthy and save money on fresh foods. But every now and then, Kroger will put their produce on sale 10 for $10, I stock up. If anything is freezable, I freeze it. I have an extra mini freezer in my garage. It was a gift from my mother n law years ago. That way I can stock pile items and they won't go bad. You also need to subscribe to ALL You magazine. It's FULL of coupons. And every month, there's something free in it. This month, it's a free mascara! Woohooo! They sell it at Wal-Mart for $2.50, and they put a coupon in there for $1.00 of People Magazine each month. (Little smut for me after the kids are in bed :)

    And, yes, I agree with Donna, $100 for your family is really good! I was spending that on a family of 4! Maybe you should give US some tips!

  5. I agree with Donna too. You're spending is GREAT for your big family! Don't be down on yourself. Angela's tips are good too. I just emailed you some good sites on saving! You're a good mommy/wife Kristi! Keep up the good work.

  6. Would this be a bad time to say that David and I spent $477 this past week at Costco? I mean, with buying all our vitamins, protein powder, protein bars, 10 lbs of fresh berries, 5 lbs of chicken, 5 lbs lean steak, 10 Halibut Fillets, Salmon Loins, Pomegranate Juice, all our our NAKED juices, loads of veggies, 10 dozen eggs, it gets expensive. :)