Monday, March 2, 2009


So, I start singing with Ty's Little Einstein video today and he says "Mommy, stop singing."

"So, you don't like my singing?" I asked.

"It's annoying the Little Einsteins." He said.

Well, excuse me, Little Einsteins - you don't even sing on key most of the time! If anyone should be annoyed it should me! You are on in my home every single day and have completely captured the heart of my little Tyson. I know all of your annoying songs and don't complain - thanks a lot.


  1. Wow, that's some top notch passive aggressiveness. Well done Tyson.

  2. haha! This post made me laugh because The Little Einstein's #1 fan lives in my house! My husband and I find ourselves singing some of the songs every once in a while, too!! I'm sure your renditions are much better than June, Leo, Quincy or little Annie's.

  3. its funny to me how they latch on to words. Chikadee asked me today if her hair was 'boring' (she hates her curls, wants her hair straight 'like a lady' she says). And I thought, boring??? Nice way to use that word for a not quite 4 yr old...
    She could never be boring.
    I would totally pick your singing over little einstein ANY ANY ANY day!

  4. This is an awesome post. I needed a good laugh. Your impression of Tyson watching Little Einsteins is still cracking us up around here. Seriously, Micah and I were dying laughing yesterday thinking about it.

    Man, I love that little Ty, what a sugar.