Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Uncle Joby!!!

My brother, Joby came to visit for a few days. My kiddos love their Uncle Joby. He brings his dog, J.R, lets the boys play games on his iphone, plays with them in the backyard, and usually takes them to McDonald's or on a similar fun outing.

Over the weekend we all took the kids to a fun playground in neighborhood near by.
After the playground Joby treated to McDonald's. On the way there Ally said "This is weird, I have candy (Joby had brought them candy), we went to the playground, and NOW we're going to McDonald's?! Wow." Ah, my poor deprived children. That was super cute.

Another cute conversation I overheard regarding Joby was this:

Ally- "Uncle Joby here is here and it's not a holiday."
Madison - "yep, he just came for a visit"
Carson - "or to do his laundry"

:) funny the things they pick up.

I love my baby brother! I am so glad we live fairly close. We talk on the phone all the time, make sarcastic remarks on each other's facebook pages, and try to encourage each other in the places we are in life (which happen to be VERY different!). I wish Jack lived close too.
I didn't get the opportunity growing up to be very close to most of my uncles and aunts (and I have A LOT! And they are fabulous... just so far away). The older I get, the more and more important I think family is. I love that my brothers work had to cultivate their relationships with my kids. Good job guys! I love you!


  1. What fun memories they will have ....seems like such a cool uncle! I know you always love having him here....glad you got to celebrate your birthday with him!

  2. I can't believe that's Joe! I haven't seen him in forever and he's such a man now with all that facial hair. Sorry Joe if you're reading this. It suites you well! :)

    I'm sure the kids do love him with all the nice things he does for them. That's neat that ya'll live close to each other. I'm sure the visits are lots of fun.

  3. aaaaw, Joe looks great! Hi, Joe (if you're reading this!). I bet your kids LOVE when Joe and Jack visit--esp. with candy and trips to McDonalds:)

    I love that picture with them making funny faces. Your son in the green sleeved shirt is makign the funniest face!

  4. Hmmmm, I am thinking I may have to make a very spontaneous visit and show the kids what true uncle spoiling consists of.

  5. Next time Joby is in, Creed and Rinn would love for him to babysit.

  6. Kristi, this is one of your best blogs, I think everyone would like it, and your chances of becoming the next John and Kate plus 8 would be enhanced, if you make more blogs about me.