Sunday, March 22, 2009

A trip to the grocery store

If Disney Land is the most magical place on Earth - what would the opposite be? WalMart. Oh how I dread doing my weekly grocery shop at WalMart. I would go elsewhere but we just have to be getting the best prices - and they have them. I'd go every other week but now that I feed a small army every day trying to shop for two weeks at a time is even more unbearable to me. SO-off I go, week after week, always with a bad attitude (what a horrible example for my kids!).

Sometimes we all go together. That makes it a little more fun (and by all together I mean the kids AND Jason - if it's just me and all the kids it is definitely NOT more fun!). Fortunately my sweet Madi girl has become quite competent in the grocery store and so I always take her with me. She gets half of the list - the things at the back of the store - and I get the stuff from the front half and we meet in the middle. This is truly delightful and instead of complaining about the grocery shopping I guess I should be more thankful that I have such a sweet helper.

While Joby was here we all took off for Wal Mart together. I took pictures and a video and am doing this post not so much to show our trip but to instead show 1. the gross types of pork products that are available to the home cook and 2. to show how it looks like I have 3 families worth of children with me.

First of all - I was compelled to take pictures of these things that made me want to gag...

Seriously? I just want to get a ham for dinner and I have to look through butt ham?! Gag. And please don't comment on here and tell me how you use pork jowls and that they are so yummy - I'd just rather not know that about you.

SO, this is my video. it's really not very interesting and a little on the long side so don't feel like you have to watch it. I had finally let Piper out of the cart and she was so excited to walk around that I pulled out the camera. My favorite part is getting to see my kids sitting on the floor waiting for us to check out (yes, I make them all go sit down and wait for us) because it looks like I've got an entire stinkin' day care with me at the grocery store!!

Here are the guys loading the 2 carts full worth of groceries back into the carts...

Thanks for letting me put up entries where I can complain about Wal Mart and post videos that only my mom will really enjoy watching (thanks mom!).


  1. I'll agree that there are certainly some more than unpleasant products available at the store! I don't know who buys them and how they cook them but I find it gross as well. I haven't been in a Wal-mart for a long time (mainly because of a documentary called "the high cost of low prices" and because we don't have them here) but I'm amazed at how empty the store is and how wide the isles are!!! I miss that very much!! The isles in grocery stores here are sometimes not big enough for my stroller to fit through!!

  2. I hate Walmart too! I try not to go there, but sometimes it is cheaper. I didn't know you had a brother named Joby??? I had to call my sisters and ask who that was. Cool nick name!

    And, my Maddie is a great helper too! Love having a helper girl!

  3. Is it better to have packaging that tells you what is in it or to just see a meat counter and ask yourself, "What is that? and "What's that smell?".

  4. I am working on my ungrateful heart condition, so when I go to the store, I give praise to the Lord that I am able to feed my family and for the store with ALL the food choices. I used to have the WORST attitude about shopping, now I have a conviction about how truly blessed I am.

    Oh and if I do go to Walmart, I have to pray ALOT!!!(it can really try my patience)

  5. Kristi, I have tried to get Denise to do a post about grocery shopping with her 5 kids. The thought of that cracks me up! I can't imagine doing it with 7. I LOVE the shot of all 6 of them sitting while Piper just walks around. I was laughing! Cute post:)

  6. Just the word jowl makes me want to gag! Packaged meat like that is so gross...yet people buy it, right? Wlamart is a feat we all hate...and am sure you have one up on the skill level it takes you to complete the task.

    I love reading your posts! They crack me up!


  7. What a sweet little Piper girl. I love that name and the video of her cracks me up walking around with freedom. It's almost like she knows the others are supposed to sit and wait and SHE gets to walk around. Just her!

    Your kids are cute Kristi. I'm sure you get a lot of looks going to the store but what a blessing to see such good kids these days.

  8. Don't buy the BUTT portion Ham, because that's where it will go...straight to your BUTT! And, what marketing team sat around and thought..."hey, I know how we could best sell this ham, let's call it the Butt portion".

    I just realized that was a video..I'm gonna go watch it now.

    Your hubby is so enthusiastic!

    Paul and I love grocery shopping all together. We people watch, he makes comments under his's a ball.

  9. Listen. Wal-Mart blows. It just does. No getting around it. It's awful. The experience is terrible. Just walking in there is a big giant killer of the human spirit. I empathize. Totally & completely.

  10. Kristi,
    You just need to come back to Lynchburg and come back to the old Wal-Mart. There is nothing special about the store...just one cashier that makes it so worth coming. He is a (retired as an engineer) Filipino man named Gil. I call him the "singing cashier". He is so sweet and fun. We look for him each time and wait in his line (there are others that love him, too, although...those in a hurry are just annoyed by him--shame, shame!) He wanted to learn all the girls' names and sings to them when we get there. He sing-talks! It is a trip. Anyway, if you could befriend a "singing-cashier-happy-type" person there, you might look forward to your weekly trips...good luck!

  11. ugh, I sympathize... I hate WalMart, especially since they moved just outside of Altavista, and the whole downtown main street subsequently shut down. Have you seen "the high cost of low price?" I feel the same way about WalMart as I do about the pork jowls that they sell.

  12. thats at the store, imagine with you go to a restaurant and on the gourmet menu (for $25) are 'pigs feet in a paquet'. um, i think NOT!