Sunday, March 15, 2009

This and That

I have some pictures of things that have happened over the last few weeks that I didn't get around to blogging about - so I thought I'd throw them in now in one post...

Here's Piper during devotions. One night she kept "tooting" (rather loudly) while Ally was trying to pray and none of us could help but to explode into laughter. Pip loved being the center of attention and then was trying to continue producing that noise so everyone would laugh at her more.
Here we are the other night... Jason and I had been crawling around chasing the kids and tickling them. Then Jason wanted everyone to see how tall of a pyramid we could build.

A visit to the Duncans... Anna Lea was SO DIRTY! She was being punished here for pushing Piper down but Pip was so concerned about her crying friend that she sat with her in time-out!

This is why Chad needs a little boy. My guys thought these skeleton parts were AWESOME.

The Woodard girls had a little girl night with the Lees. Andrea and I had to get our "sewing" done. I know, aren't I so spiritual and domesticated? You hear that I spend a Friday night sewing and think... Proverbs 31, don't you?! Well... actually we had to get some quilt blocks made for our co-op and we needed the moral support from one another. We couldn't even remember how to use our machines.. but we got it done.

Andrea prepared an awesome "build your own pizza"bar. My girls LOVED it.SO - that's a quick look at some of our adventures from the last few weeks. SO much going on - so much activity. We have such a nice life - we are so blessed. I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how "comfy" our life is and wondering how we can get out of our comfort zones and serve the poor and "unlovable" in our area. That's what Jesus did, didn't he? I'm not saying that our nice, fun stuff is wrong - I am SO thankful for our home, our family, our friends... I have just really been thinking about wanting to be like Christ. We've been praying about ways we, as a family, can serve in this way. Hopefully future posts will reveal some of the ways we've chosen to do this.

Anyone else find me extremely random??? From farting, to skeleton bones, to being convicted about not loving "the least of these." How's that for a jam packed post??!


  1. You are so funny....sweet, lovable, godly, and funny all rolled up into one great woman!


  2. Chad would love some boys around this house, I think I will just have to borrow yours.

  3. I'd fart too if the whole room would laugh.

  4. Hi Kristi, I am the other Kristi and we both comment together on many blogs. I have enjoyed "lurking" and reading about your life. Your family is beautiful. I will have to invite you to my blog. My husband made me go private. My email address if

  5. Cute post! I like random posts that are about nothing:) A pizza bar sounds yummy right about now.