Thursday, March 26, 2009

Presidential Presentations

Today was presentation day for our co-op. This month each of the kids had to present on one of the presidents. I should start by saying that I could not possibly love my co-op and each of the families in it any more than I already do. It is such a precious group of children and the moms are a tremendous blessing to me. I look forward to Thursdays every bit as much as my kids. And I look forward to our mom's nights like my kids look forward to Disney World!

Carson presented on Thomas Jefferson. Ally presented on John Quincy Adams. Here is Madison dressed as Dolley Madison to present on James Madison...

Colson chose James Garfield - but mostly because he was thinking about the cat - so we included that too.

One of the highlights was the game show the Lee kids did for their presentation called "Which President Am I?" Mitchell really got into his role as the game show host - I see a future for this boy!

I tell ya - there is nothing to make you feel more stupid then when you are teaching your kids things you didn't even know! When we do research for presentations or other school related things I am embarrassed at how much I do not know. I didn't know ANY of the details of the War of 1812 except that it started in 1812! Didn't know who it involved or what it was over or who won. But I guess, for me, that is one of the perks of homeschooling - I am learning so much!


  1. How neat! I bet it is fun to teach and learn beside your children. I'm laughing because each post you do on Madison reminds me so much of my neice Maddie. They even kind of look alike in some pictures and their facial expressions are so much alike. I bet they'd be good friends.

    I love presidential history, so I would have loved to have seen the presentations!

  2. eh, you used to know... so did I, but motherhood takes over little (and big) pieces of your brain... magnify that times 7 for you! You're doing great!

  3. Kristi, you are supermom. I didn't know you homeschooled too! You have such a beautiful and sweet family. I have enjoyed reading and getting to "know" you.