Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My birthday came over the weekend. It just doesn't seem right that I can be 34. I still think I'm 24. Jason and I went out to dinner...
... and then came home, put the kids in bed and had chocolate fondue with friends. Mmmmm.

On the morning of my birthday the kids showered me with sweet cards and a homemade t-shirt.

My least favorite gift was Carson throwing up all over his bed. Other than that - it was a great day. :)
I pray that this will be the best year of my life so far. Not filled with "happiness" and "good things" as much as being a year that I do not waste - a year spent for the glory of God - a year spent advancing the Big Kingdom of God not the little kingdom of self. I have spent too many years being "good" and going to church and all the while serving myself. May the Lord break me of this and help me to become a slave to righteousness. Lord, make me salt and light in this broken world. Help me love you more and be more like Christ every day!!


  1. Is that Popeye and Olive Oyl?
    Loved your post and your thoughts towards the end. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. well, you LOOK 24!! :) and if you're 24 then I'm 26 and I'll take that :)
    glad it was a great day...

  3. So I am thinking we need to get sitters and the four of head out to Red Rock, it would be sooo fun.

  4. Love the St.Patty's theme...love the cute pics...hate the pukes...love the t-shirt and the wonderful babies you have. Choco fondue is delish too!

    Love ya friend.

  5. Happy Birthday! Let me guess Outback Steakhouse?

    Sweet gifts from you kiddos!

  6. Kristi, I have just spent some time skimming over your blog. (I just realized you had a blog after seeing one of your comments on Donna's blog)
    Wow...you're amazing! I love that you have a big, fun family! I grew up having "all the fun in the world" so I know it's true! Yay for you!!

  7. Happy Birthday to YOU! Your pictures are adorable. You guys look like you're in college dating. If I didn't know better, I would have never guessed you're in your 30's and that you have a quiver full of children at home! You wear it well!!!!

    What is on the plate for fondue? I recognize the strawberries and bananas, but the other plate looks a little sketchy to me.

  8. Angela....
    pound cake and coconut crusted marshmallows - YUM

  9. Happy Belated bday Kristi! I agree with everyone else, you don't look a day past your 20's! I hope you had a wonderful day and the fondue looks delish! I love doing fondue with friends! It's a special occasion desert for sure!

  10. Hsppy Belated Birthday!! I love the pics and yes, you do look 24! Actually, you really resemble your mom (which is a compliment)!!

    I love the kids' gifts. Those are the best:)