Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My super, sweet girls

Both of my girls gave me super sweet letters today.
My little Peach gave me this one...

Here is what she called "Before" - my fav being that my leg is popped up behind me (and Jason's funky club foot!)!

The "after" picture being our awesome wedding - notice how even little girls don't focus on the groom - we get the back shot of Jason.

And finally the "WAY after!!" I guess it does take a while to end up with 7 kiddos. What a funny little sugar. I love my Peach.

Then comes Madison's sweet note...

I love the promise of being treated like royalty and that the men and women get different treatments after the soothing massage. I got excited about being offered the drink of my choice!

She had prepared our bedroom and bathroom as her "spa."
I had to turn the lights on get the picture - but there was candle light coming from all the dressers and night stands.
Our "fancy cups" with chocolates inside. A spa - with chocolate - does this girl know how to please her mama or what?!!

She wrote on the bathroom mirror "Madison's Spa" "I love you Mommy and Daddy."

What a thoughtful girl. Man, I love her so much. We had to push the spa "services" until tomorrow evening - but we can't wait!!
I am so blessed. Sometimes people ask me how I do it with 7 kids... does this start to answer the question?!


  1. ok, maybe Madison can come visit me for the weekend! She is so sweet.

  2. Is Madison's spa open for outsiders who are willing to pay a small fee? I love the little picture and "way after" is so sweet. The club food remark really got me laughing are a funny friend.

  3. That is the most Precious little letter EVER! Kristi, you're a good mamma! What a sweet little lady you're raising! Jack sent me a message on facebook about your blog, I came right to it. I love it! You're a good story teller. My mother in law Printed out my blog last year for me so I could show it to my boys some day. It's my scraP book really. I don't have time to scraP book. You need to mosey on over to sometime, that's my mommy blog. I'll be seeing you in blog world! :)

  4. by the way, It's me Angela, not Paul. I was accidently signed in as him...sheesh!

  5. Okay, one more thing...I just added you to my blog list. HoPe you don't mind!

  6. That's so cute! Can I send Owen over for lessons?

  7. Hello, it's Denise Logan (Reber). Jack sent your blog link to Dolly and she sent it to me, Donna too. I just wanted to let you know I was checking out your blog. It is nice how this crazy computer gets people reconnected!

    You have a beautiful family. I know you and your husband are so proud of them. We have a big family too, not as big as you, but big enough for us. Maddie 11, Danny 8, Harry Jack 4, Margaux 23 months, and Sweet Baby Jane 12 weeks. There is a sweet story about how Jane "happened."

    Can I add your name to my blog links?