Sunday, February 8, 2009

Journey of a Letter

The kids had a field trip to the post office. I didn't get any pictures because I was home sick. They were supposed to bring a self addressed envelope for which they could buy a stamp and then mail it to themselves to see how long it would it take to get back to them. Jason and I wrote each of them sweet little notes and stuffed a dollar bill in each card (without them knowing any of it). They only took one day to get back to us. They were so happy to get mail!!

Notice the special lens with the gentle fading around the edges... I think Piper must have licked my camera or something.

I love my little guys and I loved watching them tear into their letters. Most of them spent their dollars as quickly as they could at our next trip to Wal Mart. Ally, Cole, and Wilson bought Valentine's candy while Tyson bought a bag of marshmallows! I thought that was funny. His marshmallows will last way longer than their 4 chocolates!

Madison and Carson thought about it and decided to put their dollars in the offering plate at church (man, I love those guys).


  1. It starts with marshmallows...but then it turns on to an addition to "Fluff" the jarred marshmallow product. It was the most desirable item in the lunch room growing up. Graham crackers and fluff trumped anything someone else brought.

    Mom got it for me once, then decided it was too messy.