Tuesday, February 10, 2009

True Blue Spring weather

Well, the weather here has been truly spring like. We've been enjoying the 70+ temperatures the last few days, but in true Oklahoma Spring fashion, today's warm weather was accompanied by tornadoes.

My kids got pretty worried when the tornado sirens went off this afternoon. I turned on the news and began to watch the coverage (Oklahoma sure knows how to cover it's severe weather).

When the weather guy pointed to the tip of this "hook" that was a mile and a half away from our house and moving towards us and said this would be where the tornado would form... I decided we better go ahead and get in the storm shelter. I had to wake up little Pip from her nap and crawl into the steel box bolted into our garage with the other kids.

Madison is all seriousness and while the other kids grabbed toys she grabbed the first aid kit.

Poor Piper was sleepy and confused.

I didn't like that my phone would work. It kept saying "searching" or "emergency service" and neither one would allow me to get in touch by text or phone call to Jason. He ended up leaving work early to come home when he couldn't get a hold of me either and saw the news showing a tornado hitting Edmond.

While we heard the storm passing through we sang. That seemed to help everyone. This video is kinda cheesy but I but I wanted to post it anyways - just to document the experience.

Even now, there are more storms passing through but the Lord spared us from anything damaging. Many people just 2-4 miles north of us were hit hard. It is easy to remember and proclaim His Goodness and sovereignty when the tornado misses you - but it still just as true for those whom the tornado hit. My prayers and with them and are for the Church, that we would rise to the occasion to serve those in need.


  1. that's not cheesey, it's great....

    we sang that song on the back seat of a taxi in Ukraine when we were certain our world was coming to an end!!!! :) It didn't.

    glad yours didn't either :)

  2. Chad so wanted to post the girls in our "safe room" aka the pantry, Savannah was not amused, she is terrified of storms. No cooperation equals no pics which equals no new post, but I love yours.

  3. I was thinking about you at work today. I am so glad that you and your family are safe!

  4. I love it and the video is awesome "but I forgot my Bible!" how sweet....and, I did so happen to notice that the items you chose to bring are the camera and video camera...in true blog mom fashion...awesome.

    Madison bringing the first aid kit is absolutely the best one.

  5. Do you remember playing "Emergency!" in Buffalo with Jack and I? Or was that just a Jack and I thing? I would walk around the house and Jack would eventually shout some kind of emergency and I had to act like it was actually happening. I had to either jump out of a 2nd story window to avoid a fire in the staircase, or get in a door way for an earthquake, or stop drop and roll my way out of the house.

    Reminds me of your kids in this video.