Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long Valentine's Post

OK - I have a lot of pictures and a lot to say about my Valentines Day so far. I'll try not to bore you if stick with me.

Madison had set the table all fancy with lights and decorations as soon as she got up. She wrote sweet Valentines to every member of the family. I love that she likes to celebrate and to express love to her family.

We had plans to have breakfast at the Castors with them and the Kershes. In the van on the way Jason gave me a love letter. It was beautiful. I was left sobbing. He always knows just what to say. I don't have his gift of eloquence, so all I can say is that I love him so desperately and admire him deeply. I am so blessed, so proud, so delighted, so thankful that he is my Valentine today and forever.
We got to the Castors only to find Rachel flipping pancakes (she was just supposed to supplement what Sunny and I brought with cereal!!). Her mom gave all the girls these BEAUTIFUL tulips as a Valentines gift. Rachel had, once again, set the children's table in Valentine's theme.

She had a white paper table cloth on which she had written Scripture all over - verses that refer to God's love. She also made chocolate lollipops for each of the kids - with their initial on it - placed beautifully in a pot as a centerpiece.

Each child had "Jesus loves_____" with their name inserted in front of the chair they were supposed to sit in and they all had Valentine cups with their names on them. Can I just say "I want to be Rachel when I grow up!!" She amazes me! She is a walking Martha Stewart (but way nicer :)) and not for her own glory, but because she loves to serve her family and others. She does such a wonderful job! I LOVE that I have a friend who thinks it is important to take the time to write Scripture all over paper that children are going to eat and spill on. She told me that when she was figuring out what she could "skip" in all the preparing it was not going to be adding Scripture to the table setting. I am so thankful to know her. Thanks you Rachel for your wonderful hospitality!!

Aww - the daddies with their babies. There's is nothing more attractive than a man who loves his babies - am I right?! These are 3 GREAT daddies.

After our super yummy breakfast the kids played - and wow, these kids play so well together! here is Pip playing with "her Jude" (that what the big kids call him ... "Look Piper, it's your Jude" so sweet). The older kids worked on talent show routines.

Madison and Emma were the "Sparkle Spirit Style Girls" and performed an American Girl song. they were great - choreography and all.

Here's Creed doing a little "hip-hop" dancing to the W's "The Devil Is Bad."

Here is sweet Josie hanging out with her mama.

Later, the kids went out and just played away in the driveway and back yard. I guess this is what boys think of Valentine's Day!

It took us forever to finally leave - and it was not because of the mommies or the kids (the usual suspects). Nope, this time the hang up was with these guys...

Talk, talk ,talk. Bible, Bible, computers, computers.... and I thought Rachel and I were the kindred spirits in the group!

Piper was so sleepy by the time we left. She always holds her ear when she is tired.

However, when we got into the van she had found another ear to rub. Isn't that adorable!
ok- last thing - I had asked each of my boys privately today if they would be my "secret valentine." I told them that our secret signal would be a wink. SO, I've been enjoying winks all day with my little guys. When I asked Wilson if he'd be my secret valentine he added "and you can buy me a secret gift!"
Happy Valentine's Day friends. May your greatest love be the Creator, God -and Jesus Christ, His Son.


  1. Aww, you got some great pictures! We had so much fun with you all, as always. You are such a huge blessing to us! And, I happen to find you far more Martha Stewarty than me in many ways! ;)

  2. Oh, I love the pics...I am about to steal them, as a matter of fact. I just love hanging with you girls and had a great time today. I thought it was very special to spend Valentine's morning with two girls and 15 kiddos that I love (oh, the dad's are nice too :)....

    I love the secret "valentine" idea with the wink. When I asked Creed to be my valentine he said "Sure...since I am your valentine, can I sleep with you tonight?" Oh boy, this kid is smooth.

    Love you, friend!

  3. You are just the best! What a loving, caring, compassionate wife and mother you are! How very sweet. It seems that the Lord has indeed blessed you with wonderful friends.


  4. Oh man! You guys make me look terrible! I told Pam that Valentines Day is over rated. We didn't do cards or gifts, just dinner at home. Love seeing the kids, their getting so big! Keep giving them Coke!, ha ha. Talk to you soon, Jim and Pam

  5. I love the ear rubbing! Owen needs to hold my hair a lot for comfort, still! I love it!