Friday, February 13, 2009

Progressive Dinner

For Kid's Night Out this month our FLOCK did a progressive dinner - and we actually had a great turn out (way to go guys!)! It was so fun to hang out with our friends and enjoy each other and good food.

We started out at the Silagyi's for appetizers. I love little Ben's tilted head in this shot!

Yummy! Thanks to everyone who brought delicious food at both stops.

Some of the girls at the dinner stop - thanks Tamara, your house is beautiful!!!

Notice Kat in the corner... she had a baby with her all night. :)

We hogged the table which is why everyone else in the previous picture was eating on the floor around the coffee table!
On to dessert at our house. I love to set up for parties!

Awww- aren't we sweet? Love you girls!

Look at this group of hilarious people. This is my favorite pic of the night (my favorites...Dan and Chuck!). What a fun time. Happy Valentine's Day all.


  1. who watches all the kids? this looks fun - reminds me of pre-kid days at OFR

  2. ok, so this looks like a blast, but instead of messying one house, THREE are messied? and there is travel in between. i think i might be too set in my ways...