Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My precious children, who gave up Christmas gifts this past year in exchange for cash so that they could sponsor a child through World Vision, finally picked their special little boy. It took us a little while to get all their money into a bank account (LOTS of coins!) but when everything was added up they had saved (raised) enough money to sponsor a child for 2 years (double their original goal)!! They were so, so excited.
We had started to look online to find the child they would sponsor. They had decided they wanted a boy and didn't know if they wanted him to be the same age as Carson or perhaps a child born on one of their birthdays. They weren't sure if they preferred a particular country but they thought perhaps India, since we have been praying for years for the spread of the gospel in India and we already have a little girl we sponsor there.
We looked through child after child but for some reason, when little Alex from Guatemala came on the screen they all three were immediately in agreement that he was "the one."
After clicking on him to find out more about how to proceed I knew I needed to wait so that I could attach the right bank account to our World Vision account. Jason let me know what I needed to do but when I went back to the WV website I couldn't find Alex anywhere. I called WV and asked for their help but they guessed that someone else had already sponsored him. The kids were crushed. I just couldn't believe that out of the THOUSANDS of children on the web site that someone else would find and choose Alex the same day as us. So I waited. I kept checking... and checking... and checking.
3 days later I found Alex!!! I called back to WV and the guy I talked to said that standard procedure was for the website to pull any child who had been clicked on for a while so that no 2 people were trying to sponsor the same child at the same time. SO - all that to say - we got Alex. The kids were so happy. They love him so much. After sponsoring him officially we also found out that he has 7 brothers and sisters!! He is 4 and a half and has Carson's birthday.
I am so thankful that Lord is working in the hearts of my little guys. To be so young and be willing to sacrifice in order to bless "the least of these" is amazing. I am so proud of them. I am so thankful that Jason is such a wonderful example of selflessness and generosity. I hope to learn from all of them. Thank you Lord for my thoughtful children. Continue to work in them and give them a passion for spreading the gospel throughout the world. May they not waste their lives, but live them in pursuit of advancing Your Kingdom. And God bless little Alex.

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  1. Such a touching post. Little Alex is adorable. I just said a prayer for him.

    Tell Carson to guess what?!?!?!? He, Alex, and Micah all share the same BIRTHDAY!!!