Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't wake the baby...

I went out with some girlfriends last night. So fun. Love the girl nights. I was so ready to get out of the house. I even left a little early (thanks to Jason's encouragement) and just drove around and talked to Adrienne on the phone.

However, on nights when I'm gone and don't get to tuck the kids in bed, I typically come home and get Piper up because I just miss her so much and miss the snuggle time I would have gotten right before putting her to bed. When I got home last night Jason asked me to not go get her because she had a really difficult time going to sleep (probably because she missed her mommy so much!). I agreed (through my disappointment) that a baby who just finally fell asleep after many tears should be left alone.

However... about an hour later she started crying. Aha! The perfect opportunity. I grabbed my little nugget and brought her out to the couch for some lovey time.

I like to pretend the she really needed that time with me but I know I'm the one who really wants it! She's my baby and she won't be for long.

I love how she holds her ear when she is sleepy. Man, this kid is off the charts precious!


  1. Beautiful, Kristi... Owen and I still snuggle every night and, although I've considered it, I haven't gotten rid of the glider in his room, because occasionally, he still likes to rock with me. He holds my hair whenever he needs comfort or he's tired, and now he holds his own hair on the way to sleep. How is it that these little things totally melt our hearts? I'm holding on to this as long as I possibly can, and you should too! If he's still snuggling and holding my hair when he's 13, so be it... just not in public, since that would look weird, because he'll probably be taller than me by then! ;)

  2. Those babies have one loving mommy...that's for sure! That Picture makes me want to snuggle too! It's cute how she holds her little ear. Wesley always Plays with his tag on his shirt. Tagless shirts are not a good thing for him at bedtime. This kid needs a tag.

    btw - sometime I've gotta talk to you about your kids...we are dealing with a lot of ear infections right now. I'm sure you've dealt with that. And, what's the best way to treat them? Paul is in Cuba right now, and last night we ended uP at a little emergency clinic Wesley has a horrible ear infection. Just want to know your take on it.

  3. She DOES need it too. She needs it so much. All you have to do is look at emotionally neglected children to see how much good it does her. Makes me anxious to hold my baby girl... 2 more months!

    by the way- on the ear infection note... anytime my kids are complaining of sore ears or pulling on them I drop a couple drops of garlic oil (from garlic gel caps, not odor free) into their ear. Now, they will smell like lasagna, but I have never ever had to actually have an ear infection treated by a doctor. 2 kids, almost 6 years and NOT ONE infection? Count on the garlic (by the way, I know other people who also do this, mommies who are married to nurses).