Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Party

We had a super fun Valentine party with our co-op today (thanks Amy K!!). Valentines parties are one of the things I was sad my kids would miss by being homeschooled.. in steps a co-op and so may of those fun things can be experienced together(of course, I remember school valentine parties as so fun and sweet and Jason remembers them as "those parties where you give each other cards that you have written mean things in?" no wonder he supports homeschooling!). It was fun to make all our valentines and pass them out.

Piper is always a little sugar but was especially sweet in her valentine outfit.

...from head to toe! Love those Baby Legs.

The kids love being with their friends - and I love their friends (and I REALLY love their friend's moms)!!

The day wasn't just party and treats - we had a great lesson from Amy and Greg on the telegraph and Morse code. Greg made telegraphs for the kids to use. They loved it.

Here Greg is helping one table of girls use the telegraph (Annabell was worried that she might get shocked - Greg was trying to put her at ease).

Most of all, I loved watching MY valentines enjoy themselves. I love those little sweeties.


  1. I wanna teach for the co-op. Can I come down and teach speech for a day? Please please please?

  2. So much fun! What sweet little sugars. Of course, I love the baby legs and the Be(Love)d shirts!!!

    Telegraphs? Are you serious. Now I am starting to understand that Greg has one of those "I would love to tell you what I do but I would have to kill you" jobs.

    Love you, friend...Happy Valentines Day!