Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blowing Kisses

Piper never does her tricks in front of other people. Her latest favorite is blowing kisses. We were sitting in the van waiting for Jason and Piper kept blowing me kisses over and over again. She'd call my name and blow me a kiss. She must have done it 20 times before I picked up my camera to start recording. She is so cute - and I am so in love with her.


  1. I love that she just keeps calling you. I can't get James to learn the concept of blowing kisses, much less saying momma :)

  2. How Sweet!!! That made me smile! I also love how she reaches down and finds a pen!!

  3. BABY DOLL! That is just precious. You have to feel so loved.

    What about that other buckle to the car seat??? Hmmm??? tsk tsk tsk!

    I'm only joking. That would happen all the time to Wesley's seat because one side was way too tight. I figured it was still gonna hold him in...

  4. so cute! and a little confused that you were asking her to say bye bye!