Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Friday

I've been a bad blogger. We are doing well and praying about potential work for Jason - there are a few things that might work out in the coming days.

Easter is my favorite holiday to celebrate. I love to teach my kids about the great importance of this day. We read about, do our resurrection eggs, to crafts, have our baskets and treats, go to the Good Friday service at our church, and of course celebrate the in the resurrection service. However, despite all we do, I asked Wilson what Easter was all about and he said "cake! and umm, candy and baskets." "What?!!" I said in horror. "What is Easter ALL about, Will?" "Ummm" (he had NO idea!) "Is it God?" (no response from me) "The Bible?" (no response) "Baby Jesus?" "That's Christmas!!! Christmas is all about baby Jesus being born. Easter is all about.....?" nope. No idea. It was like he had never heard it before when I told him. I then asked him later and he still hesitated and said "God.... I mean, Jesus....on the cross." Ahh - the joys of being humbled as a parent!

Our church did a "Good Friday Experience" this years that was really neat. I know, it sounds a little "new age" the whole "experience" thing. Once upon a time I would have turned my nose up at that - but oh how glad I am for the opportunity to grow in grace! It was fabulous. They set up station all through the sanctuary taken from the last 24 hours of Jesus life (the last super, the garden, the tools of punishment etc..) and at each one there were objects to help you reflect and Scriptures to read and challenges for every day living that pertained to the theme. The final station was the cross. It was such a neat way to reflect. We took the oldest 3 kids through as well.

That evening we had the Lees over to read about the arrest, trial, persecution, and death of Christ. We also shared "wine" and "unleavened bread." With each reading we blew out a candle until they were all blown out (the white one representing Christ is then re lit on Easter morning).

(You can see in the above picture that Tyson was really in the Good Friday spirit). Afterwards we put the 4 youngest to bed and watched most of the Passion of the Christ (fast forwarded a few parts) with the Lees and their kids and our oldest 3. Watching the movie with these kids will remind you of how numb we can become to what Christ has done for us. Those children wept and wept through that movie. At one point I wondered if it was just too much but Jason reminded me that it is the most legitimate thing they have ever cried over. They were deeply moved and it truly assisted them in deeper worship throughout the weekend.

We ending our reading together with Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 15 "And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain... And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins...If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied." Praise the Lord that the story does not end there!!!


  1. What great ideas---the Easter experience and then the reading with the family. I love your sons' expressions (the one next to your husband and the one across from him)!! You and Jason are good parents:)

  2. Great comeback blog posting! It has all the elements of why I love reading your blog...kids being clueless to your brilliance as a mother/teacher (aka...I don't like Hell, he has nasty teeth), funny faces from Ty, and a moral uplifting message.

    Keep it up Sis, I Love you!

  3. One of my biggest regrets of traveling over Easter was missing out on the Good Friday service at our church. We did get to go to church on Easter. But it was not the same. Our church does the stations too. It is so powerful. You are right...growing in grace....a great thing!