Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love waking up Easter morning. I love thinking about the women who found the empty tomb. I imagine the most glorious weather and an indescribable energy in the air. How thankful I am for a risen Savior!

We attended Easter service on Saturday night (when we normally go). It was a beautiful service. here are a few pictures of everyone in their Easter duds (and a huge thanks to our sweet friends who bought the girls dresses for us in this uncertain time :) )...

In almost every picture Tyson has his shorts pulled up like they are above. Why??!

On Sunday we were invited to the Lee's for an Easter meal. Andrea went all out and treated us like we were really special guests. We enjoy them SO MUCH.

Lunch was delicious and the kids all played so well together.

We left the 4 oldest kids there while we took the little ones home for a nap and then we went back for leftovers! THEN, the Lees all packed up and came to our house, we put the kids in beds and watched a movie! It was a fun day. How thankful I am to be able enjoy friends and celebrate my faith (and put kids to bed and watch movies!!).


  1. Yum! I love Easter leftovers:) You have some great friends!!

    The family picture of you all is great! You all look so happy and the kids all look so cute in their Easter clothes!

  2. Great Post Kristi. You have a beautiful family an I know you are so proud of them.

    Looks like you had a full Easter weekend, with some great friends!

    Our church has Saturday evening services too. For some reason it is just easier to go on a Saturday night--especially when you have a truckload of children!

    Keep us posted on Jason's job. I am praying for you both.

  3. What great pictures! Easter is such an amazing holiday and when I really consider the beauty of it I can hardly imagine what those ladies must have felt like when the angel appeared before them at an empty tomb. What a great day for you and all the kids to spend with friends!