Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mother's Helper

So I've started sending Madison to be a mother's helper for my friend, Sunny. I've been wanting Madison to get to do this... have a place where she is expected to be diligent, busy, helpful, and a blessing. I mean, she expected to be those things at home, but we all know that sometimes it is harder at home. Sunny has younger kids and is adjusting to having three and the Lord made it clear that she was the right mother to help.
Madison absolutely loves it. Sunny puts her to work big time but Madison still says she would like to go every day if she could. She cleans, cooks, and helps with the kids. Being the oldest of 7 has helped to equip her for the job. So much is expected of her at home and she is such a huge help to me. I love that this makes her feel important and that through it all she is learning about serving. Not to mention that Sunny is so cool and fun - who wouldn't want to hang out at her house?! It has been a perfect experience so far.


  1. How about an Uncle's Helper? Single Uncles are the messiest demographic on the face of the planet. Just buy her a greyhound ticket, fill up her 409 bottle and send her my way.

  2. LOL at Joe's comment!!

    Okay, that is such a great idea! I bet she does feel like she has a "job" and with a name like Sunny, she has to be a cool employer:) I love the pictures of Madison and I am liking Sunny's backsplash in her kitchen.

  3. How sweet! That's such a great idea and I love that Madison is excited about serving. I wish we did live close because you and your family would be such a joy to be around!

  4. Ahhh...I LOVE having Madison as my mommy's helper. What a blessing. She is truly such a HUGE help to me. I was thinking the other day how I need to be more like Madison...ready and willing to help someone in need, to do the dirty work, and to smile and want to do more. I love it. I am blessed...very blessed.

  5. Okay, a few things here:

    1. First of all, do you remember the intern that worked for Steve Veale back in the day..named "Sunny". It was short for something.

    2. Madison reminds me of you Kristi. I know I haven't met her, but her facial expressions look like you. Striking a pose, a little bit of sass, etc! :)

    3. She looks adorable with the red hankerchief on her head. So hip!

    4. You are a great mom! Seriously. Way to bring those kids up with INTENTION! It's motivating me!