Monday, April 27, 2009

Charlotte's Web

We had the busiest weekend ever! Starting with the kid's production of Charlotte's Web they were in. They had dress rehearsal on Friday morning and the performance Friday night. Nana and Papa came up to see their grand kids grace the stage. Madison was Charlotte, Carson was Wilbur, and Allyson was Lurvy (Mr. Zuckerman's farm hand). They were awesome!!!

I dressed Piper in theme for the evening...

Only my three oldest kids are in the acting group but one of the twins little friends was playing the part of one of the baby spiders at the end of the play. So, Tyson kept asking me what his part was in the play. I kept telling him he was "Audience Member #4" and that his role was very important to help people know when to clap. I made a sign that I had on his seat before he arrived...

My favorite part of doing the costumes was fining these ridiculous rhinestone studded fake eyelashes for Madison!!
All of the children were amazing! I could not believe how much my Madi and Carson had to memorize and how well they did. They are all so talented and I am so proud of them!


  1. What an awesome time. Your babies were INCREDIBLE. So sweet. I just noticed Pip's it.

    You are the best mom. (seriously, you made signs for your rock).

  2. I have one question...WHO made that spider web? That's amazing! Wesley is staring at this with me right now and he won't let me leave your blog page (he's OBSESSED with spiders, spiderman, etc) if you have a stat counter, it might look like I'm a stalker/lurker!

  3. Wow! Madison's costume is so cool! I bet she loved the eyelashes:) I love school plays (esp. elementary ones). That's so nice that the grandparents could come up to see it, too!

  4. Cool play. Is this part of your homeschool op thing--I'm sorry I forgot what its called. Anyway, so cool that your children were in this play.

    So sweet about #4! You are a very thoughtful CREATIVE mommy!

  5. very cute! Madison is beautiful!

  6. Kristi, Madison looks just like you and I can see your personality through her picture. I bet that play was fun to watch with all the kids and I agree that it's nice that your parents could be there to see them. They were probably so excited! I love little Piper's outfit too!