Thursday, April 30, 2009

County Fair

One of the (many) things we did this past weekend was our end of the year party for our co-op. We have 7 families that have have been meeting together each Thursday for the past school year. This group has been the most wonderful blessing to me. The Lord has given us very special relationships and we truly believe He brought us together. We wanted to make our party fun and we wanted it to coincide with a "prairie" theme. We decided to do a "County Fair" and once we put the ball in Rachel's court we knew it would be a great party.

Papa playing games with his grandsons

Rachel had all sorts of games and prizes (like lace handkerchiefs and slingshots). Each of the kids entered something (like a craft, cookies, a sketch into the fair and received blue ribbons for their work. Even the preschoolers got blue ribbons and Wilson wore his for 48 hours straight, only taking it off to re-pin it to his p.js or new outfit.

We ate barbecued brisket (it was de-lish!) and everyone brought sides. After eating there was a sweet little ceremony recapping all of the topics each child had presented on over the course of the year (every 3rd Thursday of the month was presentation day) and they showed everyone what they entered into the fair (of course, I couldn't find my camera during this part!).

I know this picture doesn't look like a "keeper" but it is everyone crammed into the kitchen to pray together before the meal and it really is a precious shot to me.

This is Wilson and Tyson's little friend, Mia, doing old fashioned stilts wither her daddy.

After our ceremony we were on to more games. This time the parents had to get involved... sack races, tug or war, and a "broom dance." It was really so much fun.


  1. The pictures are so adorable! I love the family shot and the whole idea- what fun you guys must have (hence the name of your blog, right). I'm also a big fan of the (RED) shirts. I have one too :)

  2. So much fun, Kristi! Wish I had been there! xx!

  3. What a sweet post and such precious children! You have a great family, Kristi

  4. Love the family picture! You really are blessed with such sweet, beautiful children.

    The fair looked like so much fun! So is homeschooling over for the year? When I home schooled my goal was to be done by the first of May!