Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's on your hand?

Ally came out a little bit ago and asked me what the digits on the end of your hand are called (she didn't use those words)...

"Fingers?" I said - wondering why she was asking.
"Fffffffingers?" She clarifies as she exaggerates the "f."
"Yes." I say, wondering what the problem is.
"Oh man, I always thought they were THingers! That's weird that they are Ffffingers"
and she walked away!!

It was really funny. Not just that she always thought we were saying "thingers" but because thingers is a funny name that kinda makes sense for fingers - don't you think?

A long time ago Madison was disappointed when a spelling test revealed that the things outside with leaves on them were called "trees" as she had always thought we were saying "chrees."


  1. I love these kinds of stories and I love it when kids figure something like that out. It's kind of like when adults realize they've been singing the wrong lyrics to a song :) which, sadly, I've done before.

  2. ha ha I'm LOL at Jason's comment!

    I'm with Ally, they should be called thingers because they do things! That is so cute.

    OHHHHH, the spelling tests. I'm home schooling Will this year. Whew! He's my literal child. The word "was"... he spells "wuz." The word "gentle"...he's convinced that the people (whoever they are) made that word wrong, it should be Jentle. Because of the J sound! I always sit there dumbfounded because he has a good point!!!

  3. Great story, Kristi. I loved reading the last few posts. Your family is beautiful but I have to say, I don't know how you do it. I had to go lay down just thinking about 7 kids.

  4. haha! I love the thingers story! Cute!

  5. Very funny.

    Bless you moms that home school! I did it for awhile and loved it. Loved the home school schedule!

  6. Man, I needed a good laugh. That is stinkin hilarious. I'm seriously going to try to incorporate the phrase "thingers" casually into a conversation today and see if anyone notices. Love it.