Monday, May 11, 2009

Hobby Hiatus

I love blogging. I love to read all my bookmarked blogs written by friends and sometimes people I don't even know. I enjoy reading people's status updates on Facebook. But I hear about people who are so obsessed with these things that it monopolizes their time and their lives! I had wondered if i was one of these people.

I've heard of people who say they've "cut back" to 2 hours of facebooking a day!!! 2 hours? I spend MAYBE 15 minutes in day looking at FB. It doesn't take me very long to catch up on blogs. It really doesn't take me long to post to my blog either.

Recently we have been SO busy. I am glad to say that when push comes to shove I HAVE NO PROBLEMS STAYING OFF MY COMPUTER!! I hate that I haven't blogged and I've missed reading my friends' posts but I'm still alive and quite healthy. I've still made time for family, husband, reading, cooking, fellowshipping - just had to cut out the "extras."
I'm looking forward to catching up on all our activities but am glad to find out I don't have an obsession - just a hobby. :)


  1. Well put Kristi! Sometimes we just have to put our hobbies to the side and get to it when we can. We'll all still be here. That's the great thing about get to it when you can!

  2. Yeah, I am hot and cold with blogging. sometimes i go weeks, but I know that makes me a 'bad blogger'. facebook i check all day, but just because i have the laptop open on my desk, but i can easily leave it. in fact, some days i think 'i don't want to look today not even a bit'.