Monday, December 22, 2008

To Playdough or Not to Playdough

I hate shopping. I don't mind getting fun stuff for my kids, or others, or for myself - but I do not enjoy the process of shopping. Fortunately for me, Joby (my little brother and Dallas' most eligible bachelor) came into town today and went with me in the FREEZING night air to try and finish up my shopping. I always have fun with both my brothers. Here we are waiting in the customer service line at Target. We really complained about how cold it was (not to customer service - to each other). Joby's flashy iphone said it was 27 degrees but we were both certain it was much colder... you know, wind chill and stuff. I couldn't believe I had put back the $1.50 gloves I picked out... $1.50! What was I thinking? It was a pretty successful trip - but all the bags (including groceries) are still sitting out in van (even though we've been home a half hour)because we were too cold to bring them in! It seemed like something we needed to rope Jason into helping with. Hope the milk doesn't freeze.

Right before we checked out we stopped by the strategically placed "stocking stuffers" aisle to waste a little more money. Joby noticed some playdough and I gave him the thumbs down. A woman near by said "get the kids some playdough" and something like "don't be one of those moms who doesn't let her kids play with playdough." I told her I hated the mess and especially the mess it leaves in the grooves of our table. She confessed to just letting her playdough messes sit out until they harden and then vacuuming them up. We had some playful banter. I told her that I had a huge tub of playdough and accessories and she then accused me of having it hidden in a closet somewhere... ummm... has she been to my house???!
Guilty as charged. Anyhoo - didn't get the playdough and don't feel guilty about it. She can vacuum playdough into the new year - I have enough to clean.


  1. I knew it...I just knew there would be a new blog if I stayed up long enough. I love how you make friends with everyone, I love how you go to Target with your brother all the time (remember, when I saw you guys there?), and I love how your playdough is high up in the closet (proves that you are not near as perfect of a mom as I thought...totally kidding).

  2. Oh, I forgot one thing...I LOVE your new coat!

  3. To NOT playdough, I do the same gifts that are messy go in the top of a closet, then I send the kids and the messy gifts to the grandparents house to play.

  4. Say no to the dough! That's so funny...I was the same way!

    I was a little mean about the messy stuff. One year Travis got one of the kids "sea monkeys" way. Those things got misplaced right away! Tamara had em when she was little...they were gross.