Friday, December 26, 2008

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

One thing I want to blog about from Christmas day is my sweet little Piper. Does every parent know the feeling of watching your young child open a gift, hoping they will be excited about it or at least grateful if nothing else? Has your child ever thoroughly embarrassed you by tossing it aside to just move on to the next? Did you read my previous post where Tyson said "I don't like this" to the pajamas my parents gave him on Christmas Eve? It's a horrible feeling. You feel like your child is a spoiled brat and that you've failed to instill something important in them. BUT NOT OUR LITTLE PIP!

This little darling was so delighted with each thing she opened! I've never seen such a thing from a 12 month old. She would squeal and clap and then sit and play with that particular gift until her next one came. It was crazy cute. She has an joy filled little personality. I love it.. and want some of it!

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  1. Oh my! How true, how true. Hey, I'm a little Boot-campish about presents and we have only 2! Looks like you guys had a beautiful Christmas. Hey, good job on the blog,'s inspiring!! My girls have talked several times about what a fun time we had with you all last week. Blessings to you this year's end and new year!