Sunday, December 28, 2008

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

My mom, Madi, Carson, and Ally and I along with my Aunt, cousins and some of their kids went downtown today to see the Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular show.

My mom has a tradition of taking her grandkids (which are all my kids) to the Nutcracker every year at Christmas. This year, we couldn't get tickets (and by couldn't get I mean that we wouldn't pay $80 a ticket) but my mom and her sister had the great idea to see this production instead. I think you can only take so many Nutcrackers in a row, so I think switching it up might work well.

The only boys in the bunch: second cousins, Carson and Cason (funny huh?!) Cason kept asking if it was over!

My cousin-in-law, Wendy (isn't she beautiful?!), and her sweet McKenna.

Nana is so great at making memories with her grandkids... and she makes sure we get good pictures too! :)

The scantily clad tap dancing beauties even cleared the stage for a beautiful telling of the Christmas story... the real one, not the one about believing in Santa making you able to fly. It was surprisingly worshipful. The vocalists sang a powerful rendition of Hark the Herald Angels sing (my favorite!). I even noticed Carson wipe away a tear.

We had a great time together. Aunt Kathy brought binoculars which allowed the kids to see details up close. A dancing bear slipped, which Carson got a kick out of, and the girls have been practicing their Rockette high kicks all evening.

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  1. Hi! It's Amber from OKCMAR. That looks like so much fun! Jason gave me your blog address today so I could see what Christmas looked like at your house. I bet it is super exciting. Hopefully next year we will have a baby to open presents, and not just me. hehehehehe

    Happy New Year!