Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entry way ice skating

Somewhere, rooted in my pride no doubt, I had anticipated a blog might show off the best parts of my family. I'm the one in charge of what goes on here, right? SO I had certainly envisioned snippets from our LATIN LESSONS (said with a snooty British accent) or the latest MINISTRY PROJECT the kids were working on. How admirable, right?

And yet, my first entry today of what is going on in our house that I just love is my kids "ice skating" in the entry way. Nana was just here and after assessing the sock situation bought all the kids several pairs of new socks. This delighted them (I know, so easy to please) and this morning they have discovered how well their new socks slip on our entry way floor (probably because it is just so clean, right?!). So they have been skating for some time, giggling with glee, and setting up sliding distance competitions.

SO, stay tuned for future "impressive" entries - for now it's just a typical day at the Woodards. I have the greatest kids in the world (and I haven't even started talking about my wonderful husband!).


  1. i love typical days at your house. it is never boring and usually there is some sort of interesting event (im thinking stitches, poop flinging, toilet training...). But lately it looks like alot of your action is Pipers infinate CUTENESS. MY she is sweet!

  2. As a child, meaning 9 or 10, I thought I could "ice skate" on our kitchen floor if I tied ice cubes to my feet, seriously. I was so disappointed when my grand aspirations turned out to be nothing more than wet mess. I love to kids being kids.

  3. I see some grammar mishaps, I meant to say a wet mess and kids being kids, sorry.