Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making Friends and Cookies

We had over new friends today. The Millard girls (Beth, Molly, and Emi) joined us in making Christmas cookies. I met Beth at a homeschool cookout. She exudes this gentleness and kindness that I really admire. We had that "We've got to get together" exchange several times but finally put something on the calendar. What a nice time we had with our little pastry chefs.
Look at these darling bath salts Molly and Emi made for my girls. Aren't they precious! Madison ran off to the bath the moment they left!
These girls are so sweet. It is so fun to meet a family that you enjoy. One funny part of the afternoon came when we realized that we had met Beth and Molly over a year ago when they attended another church and we had visited! I also enjoyed listening to Madi and Molly talking about tornadoes.
It was such a pleasant afternoon - except for the part where, Tyson, extremely full of cookie dough, jumped on my bed until he threw up. Other than that, making friends with the Millards really makes me smile. We weird, unsocialized homeschool families need to stick together. :)

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  1. You know, all your babies have the same body shape. its really funny, they have these gigantic bellies!!! i love it.