Friday, December 26, 2008

Public Professions

It is my greatest joy to post that my two oldest children have made public professions of faith by way of baptism. Madison was baptized Thanksgiving weekend and Carson was baptized in our Christmas Eve service. My heart was full and my tears plenty.

Childhood conversion can be such a tricky thing. We didn't want to slap assurance on a young child whose central desire was to please us but also didn't want to discourage them and their interest in following Christ. We have told even our youngest ones that we believe it very possible that the Lord could have changed their hearts and saved them but that mommy and daddy will be looking for fruit before they make their profession public (and that is a ridiculously concise way to try and explain a much bigger topic). We had told Madison almost a year ago that we were confident of the Lord's work in her heart and that we she was ready she could be baptized. She didn't take this lightly and said she was praying about the Lord's work in her heart. Finally, prior to Thanksgiving she told us she believed her doubts were not from God and that she wanted to follow Him all her days. Her baptism, by our friend, Chuck, was the greatest night in my life up till that point. Some parents dream of weddings days, graduation days, but for me, the day my children make public their faith was the one I was dreaming about.

Carson too had been talking about the Lord working in him. We were seeing a greater sensitivity to sin and a desire to obey. He was really touched by being in the Christmas production and asked Jason if they could please talk further so that he might move towards being able to be baptized. Jason took him to lunch (Carson picked Taco Bell) and had a delightful talk. Jason came home and said "If we didn't have any reservations about Madison, then we shouldn't have any about Carson."

Carson was delighted to work out a surprise for Nana and Papa, who didn't know he was getting baptized until he showed up in the baptistery. The Christmas Eve service is always one of my favorite things and watching my oldest son profess his faith and participate in the Lord's supper for the first time with such joy was so special.

I am begging the Lord to hold their hearts; to make them desperate for Him. I hope that they do not waste their lives but exhaust themselves advancing the Kingdom. I have two children who have begun a journey of faith. What a Christmas gift. May they persevere.


  1. This post made me teary! Your prayer for your kids is exactly my prayer for mine...Beautiful! :)