Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Logistics

It's hard to not make Christmas "all about the presents" when there are so many of them!!! We got 3 gifts each for our little ones and 2 each for the oldest 3 (plus their money.. just couldn't let them get nothing.. I'll update on their project soon). But when you have 7 kids the sheer number of gifts just seems ridiculous (or redonkulous if saw Bolt) even if they each only have a few. Once you add in a few from grandparents and uncles we have a small mountain.

Here's the set up:
Everyone gets their own spot on the floor. Mommy hands out the gifts, takes pictures and does crowd control while daddy films with the video camera and picks up trash.
Each child has their own tub to put their gifts once opened, after which they return to their spot on the floor (and in case you're wondering, no, I did not get this idea from John and Kate plus 8, I've been doing it since before they had a show!). I know, it sounds like Christmas boot camp - and yes, I am the drill sergeant. But you can't imagine the chaos that ensues if they are able to grab and open gifts on their own. It is just a necessity.

Everyone wakes up (at 7 ha ha ) singing "Good Christian Men Rejoice!" and once the grown ups are ready they all get to their spots.

It always seems to vary at this point.. whether we read something, sing Happy Birthday, or something else. What doesn't change is starting with the stockings. I love the stockings - don't know why - just do. Then we take turns opening gifts and watching others open gifts. I was really proud of my big kids this year. They had fewer gifts than the others but shared in the delight of their younger siblings to an generous degree. I was so proud of them, yet again.

Here's Madi snuggled with her Daddy watching the last of the gifts being opened.

Then there are a dozen pictures of kids opening gifts - which I think are rarely ever good pictures - yet I take them every Christmas and birthday. Here is Tyson with a Little Einstein gift ~ maybe this will be the last year he is obsessed with them!

Once the gifts start winding down Papa jumps in the kitchen to make his famous pancakes. Mommy and Daddy try to sneak in naps in between cleaning and helping put together toys, which leads right into meal prep. There is excitement in the air and a sense of relaxation that it is finished. This year, there is a great desire on my part to see some the excitement of waiting for Jesus carry into the New Year. I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. We had a similar system growing up.
    We went one at a time in order of the youngest, had a central trash bag or box. This year we each had a large shopping bag that we filled, I think we probably had this before, but I can't remember.
    You just have to have some organization with so many people....