Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Service

The Christmas Eve service is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Old Forest Road Baptist used to do a midnight candlelight service and I loved it. I guess a midnight service is not all that practical for a family with 7 young children. Our church does a wonderful job at pointing us to Christ in the midst of holiday bustle. This year our 6 oldest kids were asked to sing in the children's choir (they were a little desperate for more voices and Cole, Wilson, and Tyson were happy to fill in... or at least, so they thought).

Once we got there Wilson was just too scared to be up on the big stage. So, I took off his red tie and changed it out for Tyson's yellow one. They all did great. Of course, I expect nothing less from the oldest 3. Colson, who I was a bit worried about did great... I did catch a big yawn during O Come All Ye Faithful. Tyson was such a treat! He kept his hands in his pockets the whole time. He even said the girl next to him and behind him were telling him to take them out "and they laughed at me" he said. But man, was he cute! And he sang (or tried) every word!

After the service we celebrated (Carson's baptism and Christ's birth) at P.F. Changs. YUM! Then the kids got to open 2 of Nana and Papa's gifts... the traditional Christmas p.j.'s... to which Tyson's first response was "I don't like this." Oh well - that's why they get the close out of the way on Christmas eve!

That's just a snipet of the evening... the Christmas season is winding down but may our focus on the long expected Savior grow.

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  1. Sweet, I made the blog again, and I look super spiritual in this picture. Kinda reminds me of the first time we went to Thomas Road, and I kept on staring at the camera that was roaming throughout the audience, and Middle School you, wrote elementary school me to pay attention to Dr. Falwell or I won't get to be on TV.

    I think I learned my lesson.